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    Edited my profile again, mainly because I wanted to bring Alyssa back.

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    posted a photo

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    hi gamers 😎 my discord tag is gooeyribs#7915 be my friend!!!

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    This is a twelve year-old girl. Forget this account ever existed, you filthy animals.

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    @yewnoleflambeur u a bich <3

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    @bellbell252 I OWN U

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    What happened to Skyrie

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    I have returned.... now where oh where are all the troublemakers?

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    *A young man wanders into a familiar town after having gone on a journey to find himself.* "Wow, I've been gone for a while. I wonder if anyone will remember me?" *He moves forward, hoping that he can find a familiar face.*

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    so...It's been more than 3 years since last time I visited this site. Most of the people I knew on here are no longer active. SSame goes for the groups. The page is also really different than how it used to be. I don't even now if it's the same page as before. Anyways, it still has the Skyrie's name on it, and I'm gonna trust that. Let's check how this page works now.

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    Tartarus posted a new picture

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    im new and looking for friends

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    i really need to stay here some...... soooo.... wazzup everybody??

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    Hey guys!!!

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    everytime i take an indefinite hiatus from here, everything changes. XD