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      *nods smiling* go clean up and relax first. Your weapons will be like new when I am done with them.

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      I am master assassin. We are also an inn. *hands her room 2 key* it is free for people that friends and family. I know we can be good friends. Room 2 is cross from the pool/hot tub room. U can keep that room if u want too. If u dont u can leave the key on front desk if u dont want to keep the room. Let me have ur weapons to work on and go get clean up.

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      Sorry I had my forge blowing in my ears. I can do that. U can use the hot tub or poll in the inn while I am working on ur blades. I only fight if someone attacks me first or if it is templars.

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      *came out from behind the forge* I am Red. That what my family calls me. I can do what u need. What can I do for u dear one. Don’t worry I wont hurt you. I own this place. -smiles to Diana-

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      Hello there. I not only make weapons. I make other things here. Also repartee weapons. If u know what kind of weapon u want let me k ow and I’ll have it made.

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      Yep u did young one. *smiling and rubs ginkachi head with smiles and takes a look at brother tatewaki weapon and laughs* brother I have to fix it first then make it shine. U silly brother. But don’t worry about a thing. It be better then before.

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      *softly laughs and stands up and hugs otose* it is good seeing u

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      I made sure there is enough food is made. *relaxes*

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      *smiling and rubs my neck* at less everyone is happy with the meal i made with some help

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      *wakes up rubbing my head* sorry I fallen asleep here! ^^”

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      *falls asleep sitting there while relaxing. But keeps my ears open*