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    I'm a Half-Demon, more egotistical and greedy than any other living creature — That's what human beings are, right?... ...But with human blood flowing through my veins, I never give up! Don't you understand? When you have someone to protect, Your power increases multifold!There was no place for me, so I had to make one for myself, and then I realized, I had a place, but I was the only one in it. I didn't know any other way to live.You got two legs and a heartbeat. What's stopping you?

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    A very pleasant night to all of you out there! I hope you are all doing very well. And especially pleasant wishing out for @sweetsugardemon!I also come with music! Been listening to a lot of remixes, covers, and varies other types of music as of lately and... Well, I stumbled upon this. So, I hope you enjoy this, everyone! https://youtu.be/9A2d2-V-4as

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    // i won't be online today due to the power outage, but don't worry ill be back as soon its back on.

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    @skyrie *flies through the air and jumps into Skyrie's arms and squash hugs.* Welcome back Captain!!

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    If I survive but couldn’t protect what was important to me, then I might as well be dead. Please don’t forget me my friends, then my soul will live on inside you. There’s no need for goodbyes. If there’s anything to say… What I used to do was fulfill my duties as a machine without any hesitation. As I was just a single elaborate screw. But now I’ve been filled with all this useless data. I’ve become such an oil-smeared screw. So to everyone, I would say… Thank you for being my friends! No matter what the future holds in store for us, we’ll be alright as long as we’re together. That is also an important piece of information I have gathered.

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    posted a photo

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    // I have a plan. Might be interesting.

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    Off to bed I go it was nice to be back with family and friends, love and miss you all!!!!!!

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    No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them. All that remains is the end, where you will perish. Eternal greatness exists only within myself.

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    Hey, I'll have you know that I almost really did kick the bucket during that training, so don't you dare sum it all up in one word, even if it is a nice one like "potential."

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    @nagatsukisakata thank you for allowing the use of that photo for the occasion.