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Eri Chan

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Unknown currently

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New Friends, Roleplaying, Gaming


Name: Eri

Parents: unnamed mother and father, Kai Chisaki is her adoptive father

Quirk: Rewind

Personality Background:

Because her mother disowned her after she accidentally made her father disappear with her Quirk and the experiments she was subjected to by Kai Chisaki, Eri became a fearful and secluded girl, without anyone showing affection to her in her life. Apparently, Izuku Midoriya

‘s touch was the first time she ever felt kindness and it overwhelmed her. When murderous intents are directed at her, she does not scream or cry. She simply remains silent because she knows she has no choice but to accept whatever is to happen to her. She feels guilt over other people being hurt while trying to help or rescue her when she is in danger. Unfortunately, after her rescue, Eri still psychologically suffered from Kai’s influence, as she was unable to smile and had no experience of being happy.

[Her twists begin from here on her journey to Skyrie]

She was being taken to a safe area under the shelter of her adoptive father Kai but they were ambushed and he was killed right in front of her. She was hurt and blacked out but when she came to she was all alone in a vast battlefield surrounded by a strong scent of blood from all around her. She could not stand but trembled as she looked around, this is how her journey began in this new place.