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Coalition of Ordered Governments ( COG )

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United Kingdom


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I am a MASSIVE nerd. If it’s Sci-Fi, Military, Anime, Fantasy then I’m probably into it.



The Coalition of Ordered Governments is an organisation the encompasses all aspects of life from politics to warfare and everything through medical care to historical texts. Each member has their place in the machine of society, each cog and gear. It is a society built on unity, founded in crisis and forged in battle.

Rifts appeared across Skyrie to many lands, worlds and dimensions including that of the planet of Sera. Seeing a valuable opportunity for refuge, resource and expansion the anomalies were monitored closely before and engineer was sent through to record enough data to give a safe entry point for the main force to transfer through. With a lot of cursing, help from an unusual woman and a great deal of technical wizardry from Baird and his robot Jack, a signal was finally strong enough to reach back to Jacinto. Now the COG are here to help and prepared for anything.


( I’ve put them at roughly the time of Operation Hollow Storm because they’re still a formidable force, gives me reference points for characters and I really just wanted to use assault derics. )