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Umberto Slinn, Guardsmen of the Vostroyan Firstborn.

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United Kingdom


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I am a MASSIVE nerd. If it’s Sci-Fi, Military, Anime, Fantasy then I’m probably into it.



The Imperium of Man is the largest force in the history of the universe. Growing and conquering for thousands of years, now in the forty first millennia there is only war as the Imperium is attacked from all sides by corruption, demons, alien races and insectoid monsters. With fierce loyalty and incredible determination man kind is determined to drive back the dark onslaught and regain total control of the universe. To combat such insurmountable odds all efforts of humanity have branched into different aspects of war. One such aspect is the Astra Militarum, otherwise known as the Imperial Guard. Whilst forces like Astra Militrum, the super human Space Marines, are the Emperor’s divine chosen warriors what the guard lack in individual strength they make up for in numbers and firepower. No foe can withstand the might of countless trained soldiers in furious devotion to the Emperor.

One regiment of the Imperial Guard is the Vostroyan First Born. A very literal name, all first born children of the planet Vostroya are enlisted into this regiment of fierce warriors and ancient tradition. So highly prized are these traditions and the legacy that the uniforms they wear and weapons they carry are worth more than the Guardsmen they adorn. All members know and accept, that like all Imperial Guardsmen, they will die on the battlefield of the cosmos and that it is their duty to die standing. Though all regiments of the Astra Militarum are capable and adaptable fighters the Vostroyan Firstborn are renowned for city fighting and surviving the harshest of ice climates though they will of course fight wherever the Imperium requires.