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Purge ( Umberto Slinn )

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United Kingdom


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I am a MASSIVE nerd. If it’s Sci-Fi, Military, Anime, Fantasy then I’m probably into it.



Formally a Guardsmen of the Vostroyan First Born called Umberto, Purge has lost his original identity and does not care to find it again. After suffering from a broken heart in personal life and broken spirit in a military slaughter he lost all purpose in his life. He was left for dead as the sole survivor of a regiment over twenty million strong before being captured by slavers. When rescued from his cage and treated in hospital he couldn’t cope mentally with his experiences anymore and sought recompense. After a Xeno artefact malfunction overloaded his neural implant the Inquisition kidnapped him from a recovery ward. To their surprise though telepathy he without hesitation agreed to every procedure they wanted to perform on him. These turned him into the cold and calculating super human Space Marine he is known as today. He chose the name Purge out of a combined will to Purge his last life from his mind and the enemies of humanity from the universe. But he never forgot a single detail of what he had been through.