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Purge ( Umberto Slinn )

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United Kingdom


Real life:

I am a MASSIVE nerd. If it’s Sci-Fi, Military, Anime, Fantasy then I’m probably into it.



Formally a Guardsmen of the Vostroyan First Born called Umberto, Purge has lost his original identity and does not care to find it again. After suffering from a broken heart in personal life and broken spirit in a military slaughter he lost all purpose in his life. When wandering across an unnamed battle field he came into contact with a Xeno weapon designed to cause all in contact to enrage and destroy each other with fury. Being alone, full of sorrow and regret having been left for dead as a sole survivor from a regiment and thrown into the slave market the rage induced gave him purpose. Kidnapped from a hospital bed by Tech Priests off the Inquisition the decision was made to encase him in armour and throw him at the enemies of man as a loyal Space Marine  from the Imperial Fist chapter.