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Skyrie The new world

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Full Name: Ogre Tionishia

Nicknames she was bullied by: Monster Girl, Ogre Orphan, Little Miss Nobody.

Race: Ogre / Half Ayakashi

Family: She never met her birth parents as they abandoned her after she was born but she does know from what she later finds out that they were ayakashi spirits.


Despite her size and strength, Tio is an incredibly gentle and warmhearted person to those she considers her comrades and will protect them with her life. Tio is said to have a sweet tooth, frequently looking for the newest candies and  is always eating something sweet whenever she has the chance. She is quite fond of the clothes she wears, especially ones which she deemed as pretty. She is quite the fashionista, and always follows the latest fashion and especially loves clothes with frilly and lacy things on them. Overall Tio is very friendly and likes to hug others when people are kind to her and when she finds something cute. However her patience does have a limit and she will often say “Jeez” whenever she gets frustrated.

My Twist: However she does have a darker side to her, if she ever chooses the one to be loyal to she will remain loyal until she dies.



[[My twists are under construction but will be added in once worked out, gomen.]]