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Rinne Rokudo (RedShinigami SugarDemon)

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Hi, I’m Rinne.

Elder of the Sato Akuma branch and Proud member of the SugarDemon family of the GrandSugarClan.
my clan name is shinigamisugardemon / redshinigamisugardemon
I’m also Head of the Rosicrucian Shinigami Unit.
(please ask Helena and Lucifer-Gin before using the clan name)

Owner of at Damashigami Company

**I’m married to Ageha Sakura “PhoenixsugarDemon” Mamiya-Rokudo
And with her I have two sons, Kyo Ichigo and Brandon

I’m mixed human and shinigami heritage residing in the human world, despite my grandmother’s invitation to live with her. I used to live with my grandfather until he died and now I sometimes reside in an abandoned club building of the school I attend. I performs the duties of a shinigami, though requires tools that a true shinigami would not need and that are quite inexpensive, often times equating to ¥500 or ¥1,000. I also have the expensive Haori of the Underworld (黄泉の羽織 Yomi no Haori), a robe that allows me to not be seen by ordinary living beings and, when reversed, turns a ghost into a solid being. As I am short on money, I’m eager to pick up money, food, or any kind of offering made by the students; I also refuse to spend money on rent, uniforms or many other common necessities. My name is taken from “Rinne”, the cycle of resurrection present in Buddhism, and Rokudo, the six paths that comprise it.

I’m currently the adopted son of the lovely Lady Izayoi Susan.

**My comrades whom I consider my brothers are Inuyassha, Ataru Rei, Hatanaka Godai, Ranma Shukumaru, Kuno, Mousse, Bankotsu, Koga and Ryoga. As well as elder brother Sesshomaru Bokyosei.

Rinne is a son of Sabato, a damashigami and an unknown mother (either Shinigami or human). He is a half-shinigami because his grandfather is a human and his grandmother, Tamako, is a shinigami. His grandmother, Tamako, was supposed to reap the soul of a human man, but they fell in love with each other instead. She agreed to prolong the life of the man for 50 years, in exchange for reaping more souls, which means she must work ten times more than she normally would. Tamako also agreed that if she didn’t reach her goal, her debt will be passed through her descendants. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to reach her goal, and her work was passed on to Rinne, her grandson. Thus, Rinne is burdened by his grandmother’s promise.

Six years ago, during Masato’s time at Demon Elementary School, Masato was given an assignment to salvage an irretrievable soul and bring it to hell. Then later on, Masato found a rabbit, just as he was about to take the rabbit’s soul, Rinne came and told Masato that the rabbit was not ready to pass on. Rinne fed the rabbit, causing its soul to return, and because of this Masato was unable to complete his assigned task. Masato attacked Rinne with a pitchfork but Rinne smashed over him with a large crucifix. And with this, their long-rivalry started.

Rinne describes himself as a “sort of” shinigami, or god of death. He ferries souls between the land of the living and dead, and most of the spirits he encounters are stuck in the living world with unresolved needs. Rinne patiently tends to the spirits he encounters, even when it would be easier to simply banish them into the afterlife.

Rinne is showed to be kind and light-hearted shinigami. He doesn’t force spirits to pass on quickly, but instead patiently helps them. Rinne isn’t the noisy and stubborn type. He thinks about attacking or not, preferably thinking of battle strategy, unlike his brothers who quickly attacks without thinking.

Rinne is quite the protective type, especially when it comes to Ageha Sakura (a/k/a Princess Abi) . At times he can be cold and unapproachable. He often ignores other’s comments about him, especially when Rokumon complains. But, when he gets too annoyed, his anger takes over. He also hates wasting money over useless things, that’s why he often took “emotional damage” and cries tears of blood when his money is wasted over useless things.


Appearance: Rinne has fire engine red hair and similar red eyes. He’s normally seen wearing a uniform that consists of a black pair of pants, along with a black coat that goes over a white short-sleeved T-shirt. The jacket has a white lining over the edges of the collar.
Rinne’s signature Haori of The Underworld outfit was normally seen whenever he’s in battle and exorcising spirits. A haori is the garish looking coat that Rinne wears. It’s an overcoat usually worn over a kimono. On his haori, is the Red Wheel of Samsara.

Flight – Rinne could fly when he wears the Haori of the Underworld.
Shinigami Senses – Rinne can sense either evil or pure spiritual auras.
Cries tears of blood – Rinne’s shinigami bloodline enables him to cry tears of blood especially emotional damage.
Scythe Fighting – Rinne mastered or quickly learned how to use his 5000 yen shinigami scythe.
Invisibility – Rinne becomes invisible when he wears the Haori of The Underworld.
Exorcism – Being a shinigami, Rinne’s true job is to exorcise and help spirits that were unable to pass on and cut their ties to this world, bringing them to the wheel of Samsara.

Weapons / Equipment:
Rinne owns several Shinigami Tools, although he has three that are almost always with him. If needed he will buy tools he doesn’t already have.

Shinigami Scythe: A tool used by all shinigami, and most likely damashigami too, Rinne was too poor to own one in the beginning and eventually bought one for 5,000 yen.

Haori of the Underworld (Yomi no Haori): A lightweight Haori, or short coat worn over a kimono. On Rinne’s haori is a red wheel of reincarnation. According to Rinne, it’s expensive. When wore, the wearer is given the body of a ghost and is therefore invisible to humans, when wore inside out the wearer is given back their living bodies.

Ring of Judgment: a bracelet worn on Rinne’s left wrist that transforms when needed. It works as a shield, teleporter, and also can capture the wearer’s prey. This tool was given to Rinne when he was young by Tamako however Sabato stole it from Rinne before he could open the container.


Companion cat/familiar: Rokumon
The black cat was actually contracted to help him with his shinigami duties, originally sent by Tamako. At first, Rinne states that he doesn’t need his help, but Rokumon keeps coming back until he get used to it. He helps Rinne with his duties, often scaring people when they were scrutinizing them. The two showed concern for each other, saving each other’s lives when needed.


Thank to Lucifer-Gin and Helena I know have the warmth of a family, food on my plate and a place to sleep.
I don’t want to to take advantage of their hospitality so I sometimes bounce around with my brothers and return to my old abandonded club building.

I’m pretty easy going, just feed me well :)