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    // Just so everyone knows I thought I’d say this. If your or any other character/ group need transport, supplies, extra weapons, soldiers etc then let me know. Happy to help where I can, even if only shuttle rides on Ravens.

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    *It seemed that the first to get the warning signs were the elders but also those situated in the borderlands. It began with constant earthquakes that continued to increase in power. Then the news broke out and there was panic. Fortunately, a particular clan and the community came together to rescue and shelter those that were most vulnerable. The dimensions between parallel worlds were opening and closing, spewing forth both good and bad creatures. The prophets that believed in a comming apocalypse frantically preached on the city streets. They had to be foreced to safety by the officers of the law. Darkness was prevalent, the winds were fearsome and a strange pulse pushed at the body almost like painful punches keeping everyone away from the source of the impending apocalypse. Volcanos in certain areas threatened to explode and citizens quickly moved away from those areas. For the most part many found themselves sheltered at schools, hospital and buildings with strong structures particularly protect by the GrandSugarClan members. The air levels seemed to be turning toxic as some of the miasma that was normally found in the borderlands seemed to be entering the smaller villages and farmlands. Buildings were coming down and heroes had to either break them or salvage them if their abilities allowed them to do so. New and emerging threats were countered by arriving forces that came to help. It seemed to be balancing itself out. As many rushed to prevent the spread of diseases, plagues and fires. Others were healing and tended to the wounded. The community did come together while those of an evil nature were more interested in exploiting the chaos. There was hope, as long as the citizens and communities worked together and didn’t give up. They were surviving and there was still time to safe the planet from it’s ultimate demise.*

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    // happy veterans day everyone. Today for me is a sad day because my second grandmother passed away in 2018 due to health problems. She was in the army years ago way before i was even born. i may not be able to see her again but i will always remember the memories of spending time with her with my family.

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    Sorry about the downtime. We're back!

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    @sweetsugardemon xoxo https://youtu.be/lyieFu7BnHE

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    “Heh...... how many have been blinded because of my beautiful appearance?”

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    Don’t look down on me because I’m a ninja? I’ll beat you down!

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    Erin was heading back to Rosy Cross on her own, with Shiro in her arms. She was still wondering why this earthquake was happening, and why there was some evil people escaping and taking advantage of this bad time. "I wish I could help, but I'm still just a kid and don't fully understand my powers properly. I got to get better." She looked down at Shiro who was sleeping in her arms. "Let's get back to Rosy Cross."

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