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Satana Hellstorm Skorpyonida ♏ SasoriSoulSugarFiend

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Special Note: This is a no childish DRAMA zone / I’m also mostly here to contact a friend and watch the rps she told me about. Nothing more. So don’t bother me! / Strictly GSC Antagonist.

Name: Satana Hellstorm Skorpyonida 
Older Brother: Daimon Hellstorm Skorpius

niece: Demona

Queen of the Scorpion Demons, Sorceress
Species: Demon Hybrid / Succubus/ Half-Human

Notable Alias: The Devil’s Daughter, Mistress of the Basilisk

Born a couple of years after her brother Daimon, Satana, unlike her brother Daimon, fully embraces the demonic heritage that she was born with. She believes she’s Satan’s daughter but the reality is far from from it. She later learns the Lords of Darkness found a way to have a human woman conceive both Satana and Daimon.  (revelations appear as story develops)

Powers: Agility, Animation, Blast Power, Death Touch, Energy Absorption, Fire Control, Flight, Hypnosis, Intellect, Invulnerability, Levitation, Longevity, Black Magic, Psionic, Siphon Lifeforce, Soul Absorption, Stamina, Super Speed, Super Strength, Teleport, Unarmed Combat, Control over scorpions and scorpion demons

Affiliations: League of Monsters / Avengers of the Supernatural / SugarFiend Faction