• Group logo of Satou Aethereum (Heaven’s Gates)
    active 1 hour, 15 minutes ago

    Reino Celestino del las Almas del Grande Clan di Zucchero

    An ethereal realm for the resting souls of deceased members of the GSC and their close friends and allies.

    Sometimes visitors appear in Satou […]

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  • Group logo of Sugar Storm Nightclub
    active 3 hours, 2 minutes ago

    Sugar Storm Nightclub (rp group) is a sexy and notorious entertainment venue and bar/lounge/restaurant with great waterfront views from the restaurant area. Sugar Storm Nightclub provides an elegant and passionate […]

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  • Group logo of SugarAxis Indoor/Outdoor Shooting Range
    active 3 hours, 40 minutes ago

    Name of Place: SugarAxis Indoor/Outdoor Shooting Range

    Property of GrandSugarClan
    (RP ONLY)

    This is a recreation and training area for Archery/Gun Range and Axe/Knife/Spear Throwing..
    Located near […]

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  • Group logo of Konohagakure no Sato (木ノ葉隠れの里)
    active 6 hours, 42 minutes ago

    ((Property of Uzumakii Family of the GrandSugarClan))

    Village Leader/ Host: Naruto Kurama Uzumakii

    Konohagakura’s has a long history as the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, […]

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  • Group logo of Sugarview Medical Center 🚑
    active 17 hours, 59 minutes ago

    Welcome to Sugarview Medical Center!

    An all-inclusive hospital treating those with minor to emergency injuries and those with illnesses. We accept and treat every being from human, alien, hybrid and all other […]

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  • Group logo of Sweet as Sugar Flower Shop
    active 18 hours, 4 minutes ago

    Welcome to Sweet as Sugar Flower Shop!

    Sweet as Sugar Flower Shop is known for its friendly customer service, prompt deliveries and, of course, its stunning assortment of fresh-cut flowers and potted plants. […]

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  • Group logo of My Multiverse SuperHero League
    active 18 hours, 5 minutes ago

    My Multiverse SuperHero League

    //An rp area with an assortment of anime and comic book characters both heros and villians caught up in unexpected crossover scenarios.

    This group is property of the […]

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  • Group logo of Akihabara Sleepless City
    active 22 hours, 25 minutes ago

    Welcome to Akihabara Sleepless City a/k/a Akiba

    This is a roleplay group that takes place in Akihabara, the sleepless city. The city of excitement and dangers, it is filled with the noise of traffic and the […]

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  • Group logo of Secret Rendezvous on Sakura Lane
    active 22 hours, 28 minutes ago

    Welcome to Secret Rendezvous on Sakura Lane!

    Secret Rendezvous on Sakura Lane is a beautiful path of Sakura trees known as the secret rendezvous of lovers during the time when the leaves are pink. The romantic […]

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  • Group logo of Ye Olde Sugar Mansion Bed & Breakfast
    active 22 hours, 55 minutes ago

    Welcome to Ye Olde Sugar Mansion Bed & Breakfast!

    This is a cozy guest house for members of the GrandSugarFamily and their friends/guests.
    *After the apocalypse the Sugar Mansion was destroyed by a mob […]

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  • Group logo of Sugar Family Estate
    active 1 day ago

    A GrandSugarClan Private Estate

    (Home Sweet Home/ Invite Only)

    *After the Old Sugar Mansion was destroyed and later rebuilt as more of a guesthouse. The GrandSugarClan moved into a new area in an area they […]

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  • Group logo of Sugar+Spice Modeling Agency and Photo Art Gallery
    active 1 day ago

    Sugar+Spice Modeling Agency and Photo Art Gallery
    (rp only)

    // NOTE: Public group of the GrandSugarClan. All are welcomed. We reserve the right to remove anyone that is not here to rp or if your rp doesn’t f […]

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  • Group logo of IMVU Sugar Family Mansion ❤️ GrandSugarClan's Virtual Worlds
    active 1 day, 1 hour ago

    IMVU Sugar Family Mansion (Virtual World of GrandSugarClan’s Family & Friends)

    ((Property of GrandSugarClan))

    *A place to post our IMVU/ Virtual World Photos.
    Maily memories of family and while within the […]

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  • Group logo of Tendo Dojo / Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts
    active 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Tendo Dojo / Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts.

    Owned by Sensei Ranma
    ((Property of the GrandSugarClan))

    Please RP as if you’re in a dojo/gym.
    NO RL drama
    Please make sure you first […]

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  • Group logo of ToxicSugar Fall Out Shelter
    active 1 day, 19 hours ago

    ToxicSugar Fall Out Shelter

    ((Property of the GrandSugarClan))

    During the threat of the Apocalypse, this shelter was used to keep younger members of the GrandSugarClan safe but now that the threat was over, […]

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  • Group logo of Shinsengumi Headquarters
    active 1 day, 22 hours ago

    Shinsengumi is the special military police force, that formed the law-enforcement entity of Edo.

    Eventually it was moved to a place in Skyrieverse where they became the police force of the large cities and […]

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  • Group logo of Seaside Sugar Beach and Luxury Resort
    active 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Welcome to Seaside Sugar Beach where everyone is allowed to bask in the sun, hang out and have picnics, take a stroll on the boardwalk or enjoy swimming on a nice summer day. Everyone have fun!
    [Property of the […]

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  • Group logo of The Sugarhill Sentinel
    active 2 days, 11 hours ago

    GrandSugarClan’s media/news outlet. (RP ONLY)

    News Agency of the GrandSugarClan!

    The Sugarhill Sentinel is a major media outlet (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet) that belongs t […]

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  • Group logo of Wargoth Wastelands
    active 2 days, 11 hours ago

    Wargoth Wastelands

    ((Property of GrandSugarClan and Commander ”Six-Gun Gorilla” Kondo))

    Wargoth is a a place of constant battles between malevolent hordes and benevolent alliances.
    This weird cyberwestern […]

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  • Group logo of WildSide Diner
    active 2 days, 11 hours ago

    Lady Otose (Terada Ayano)’s Wildside FastFood Diner was made as a fun Rock & Roll style diner for family and friends to get together. Located near the outskirts of Akihabara City.

    Owners: Lady Otose and G […]

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