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    // Ladies, let’s do the rest on a separate post. I’ll do the starter and tag you, OK! @snipersugarspirit @darkphoenix

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    //I should probably draw up another profile pic for Apple. Getting bored of this one X) Any suggestions for cute outfits to draw her in? She has the mind of a child so nothing risque, got it?

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    @iamgamer // Just wanted to say thanks for the escape RP, it was fun. Sorry if it felt like I made you do most of the work though hehe

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    // hehe newbie mess. clean up on aisle 2

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    @thepakhaninstpetersburg thank you for the friend request

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    Hey all of u! Inukai daughter Rosea Grandstaff is here! I got her here yesterday I believe. Let's help her get started a new life here but with her 2 kids and husband. She is happy to be free from her past troubles. Sorry it took long get her here but she here now. She will be shy maybe. @rosegrandstaff-20

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    @ava2354 // I have accepted your friendship request. I suggest though that you read my profile so that you know a little about me. And thank you!

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    *as she remained in the gravelands after her brother Naruto left and she almost attacked him, she knew that Christmas this year would not be simple and normal for her this time, not until she could do one of two things. She has to either get control of what’s going on, or get a brand new seal to replace her broken one* Well, this is gonna hurt Erin... but I can’t risk attacking her. If I can attack my brother, then I can attack anyone, even her... I would never hurt my child *she clenches her fists and sits under a barren tree within the gravelands her sword by her side, as oddly the demons have stayed away from her for now*

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    // If you don't want to look like a total noob hehe practice at the group called Sandbox first. Get a hang of things instead of jumping about stressing everyone out.

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    Tip: Remember to read the description of groups before joining and be respectful, always follow the rules ;) -> worth repeating <-

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    // admin: The question of the century! Where's Purge? @umbertoslinn

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    // Please understand I'm married to the beautiful Cindy Cyan @gattakawaii , I have a family and the majority of my family have their profile information listed. Don't add me or my family members if you're just looking for a mate. Thank you! Nyan!

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