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    Day #33: Dear Diary, Today I did a lot! I went to see the blacksmith to get my costume upgraded. I don't know what Mrs. Red (@winter-rose-24) did but it feels safer I guess? I should try it out properly sometime. I'm gonna be pretty busy this week babysitting her daughter Cammie (@princessearthtree), but I don't mind one bit! She's fun to hang out with! We're going on a picnic tomorrow! I think Cammie and Mysty (@deaftoallbutthesong) might be cousins too... I think. When I got some free time I visited the Yokai City and got a Yokai Watch from Katie (@yokaiwatcher). I found some weird yokai but no bug friends yet... I wonder if Mysty and Kyouko (@heartsutra) know the place. Well that's all for today, I'll let you know how the picnic goes tomorrow. Ciao, Diary!

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    @kandace I don’t use messages except for talking to otosan @narutokyuubishadowlightuzumakii And kaachan @hinatashybyakuganshadowlightuzumakii To discuss stuff that we would like to happen and each to help with

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    Hey all of u! Inukai daughter Rosea Grandstaff is here! I got her here yesterday I believe. Let's help her get started a new life here but with her 2 kids and husband. She is happy to be free from her past troubles. Sorry it took long get her here but she here now. She will be shy maybe. @rosegrandstaff-20

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    Erin was concerned on her mother's condition, but she also had her own things to worry about. Something strange was going on with her and she couldn't describe what it was or figure out what she could do. She felt a strange power within her, and she noticed that a few of her teeth appeared sharper and pointer than normal. "What can I do to find out the answer on this?"

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    Hi everyone. I wanted to give you all an update on Skyrie. We've had to delay the latest version for another few months so that we can get things working right. This means that we'll also be working on adding apps as that's been requested quite a few times. We are taking suggestions on board so if there's any features you'd like to see added then let us know. If you have any questions post them below and I'll get back to you. Thanks!

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    @goldmari gomen Apple chan, that wasn't meant to worry you xoxo I'm sure we'll figure something out. Let's wait and see how the changes go first.

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    //Ugh woke up super late and I still feel like I didn't get enough sleep last night

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    @cherishedprincessshadowlight hello, i hope you have a good day

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    // @meaperrary Lady Hikari, thanks for the rp! We can continue some other time! Have a pleasant night! :-)

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    // laughing hard and anime potatoes. what could be better hahaha!

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    Maybe I should make the shop front more welcoming. It just kinda looks like it’s fallin apart at the moment.

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    Oiiiii you bastard what the hell did you do to my group!!!!!!! I made you admin by mistake, hell least you could have done was just took yourself out not delete the whole thing!!! OMG I'm so mad right now, I am going to have to make a whole new group so i'm so sorry to those who had any role plays with me in there whatsoever. @grimespada6