The Basics

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Akatsuki Natsume

My Information


Level: 90 (fake)
Name: Akatsuki Natsume (pen name)
Title: Jack of all trades
Class: Combat Mage (fake)
Subclass: Assistant
Race: Human (fake)
Traits: Demonic, Humanoid, Threat to humanity
Attribute: Star
Alignments: NeutralŃâ╗Good and Evil
Active Skill:
Class Changing A
Class Creation A
Mimic A
Passive Skill:
Keen Observation A+++
Presence Concealment A
Existence Outside of Domain EX
Item Construction B
Self Replenishment A+
Magic Resistence C
Strength: C
Agility: A+
Endurance: C
Mana: A+
Luck: E