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Takeda CrankySugarDemon Rokucho HayashiSakata

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Name: Takeda Rakucho HayashiSakata
Birthdate: September 8 (Virgo)
He is an artificially created human later granted partial human life via magical/seraphic attributes.
RAce: AI/Human
Height: 177 cm / Weight: 64 kg/ Blood type: A
Hair color: dark to light green
Gender: male
Adopted son of Leukocyte King and Tama Esmeralda
Tribe Member of the SugarDemon Family of the GrandSugarClan
Sisters: Yumiko, Sanae, Tamaki and Minami
Brother: Yamazaki
Adopted Daughter: Peipain Pandoryna (KirinTepesSugarSoul) RokuchoHayashiSakata

Enjoys: reading, seafood, boiled eggs and at one point he didn’t like animals (his auntie Helena changed that after she started having him feed cats he started to slowly fall in love with them).
Personality: pretends to be have a calm demeanor around most people but he is hotheaded, tends towards brutal torture and sadism he can be downright cruel especially to his enemies but to family he is a kind and gentle soul.
Government Member of the Yamainu Squad
Does Odd Jobs like the rest of the family but mainly works along with the Shinsengumi.
former captain of the World Void Information Control Organization’s Intelligence Department.

// Admin. Note: No messages or chats please. Not interested in a mate right now. My character’s images are Takeda from Donten ni Waru (Laughing under the Clouds) and Hazama from BlazBlue but I’m not necessarily playing him as these characters. Arigato!