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M1:R-0R ( Miror )

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New Friends, Roleplaying


It’s name is M1:R-0R but more commonly referred to as Miror. The mark one, reflector series type zero R.

History: Miror is an accidental creation that resulted from a science experiment. In an isolated lab far from the public was focused on genetic research and manipulation. Scientists had tissue samples of chameleons and were testing its adaptive abilities. One particular older scientist was combining various materials with the chameleon DNA and by chance Miror was created. When investors came to the lab to see results and discuss financing a military representative was very interested in the strange creature. Not long after a large army arrived and ‘ suggested ‘ that Miror be handed over to help towards a super soldier programme. Day and night it was tortured by the military scientists who tested it endlessly  to find its endurance limits and see what it could turn into. With minimal intelligence it slowly learned to copy and mimic near flawlessly. During a power outage caused by a storm Miror escaped into a vent and once outside turned into a soldier and ran away. Exhausted it eventually collapsed into a river, lost its form and was carried by the current until washed up in Skyrie.

General info: Miror has no distinct form of its own but when not mimicking tends to turn into a flowing silver young woman. Through copying and learning it has gained very simple and basic intelligence similar to that of a puppy or small child. Miror is barely able to speak and when it does only speaks single words at a time. It knows three short sentences that it heard from the years of torture by the military. Miror responds to a lot of questions with the word ‘ lost ‘ being the closest thing it knows to a real answer. As a result of all the trauma Miror experienced, it’s not very confident or brave but instinctively wants to trust people. Except soldiers, Miror is terrified of soldiers. She also fears electricity.

Abilites: Miror is a morphic shape changer and can turn into anything it has seen. Being in essence a sentient silver liquid if Miror gets too wet it will loose its form, pass out and turn into a puddle. Fortunately it’s basically immune to physical damage except extremes live fire and lava or other effects that could destroy all of it at once. However it does still feel pain as much as an ordinary person, but hasn’t learnt to scream in pain so instead trembles and looses whatever shape it was in.