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    Time is Money!I'm the only one who gets to interrupt me! I float… like a butterfly. And sting like a bee! 'Cause I'm the Eight-Tails! Brother, I'm a big idiot as you said too, and Naruto is as well, right dude? But the ones who accomplish things are the big idiots that don't care about how thick and strong the wall is, yahoo. I woke up and realized life is great and people are awesome and life is worth living.

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    Most men's hearts are restrained by mortal, recoiling in fear from the fabulous fruits of evil. But some do not constrain themselves to the mortality and its tyranny. They are the Vanguard.... have you ever considered why humans wish to live? Humans live hoping to conquer their anxieties and fear, and attain peace of mind. Seeking fame, controlling others, and acquiring wealth are all done to achieve peace of mind. Marriage and friendship are also pursued as means of attaining peace of mind. When humans say they wish to help others, or that a thing is done for love or justice...it's all merely to give themselves peace of mind. To achieve peace of mind is the goal of all mankind. Now, given that, what anxiety could you possibly feel towards serving me? Any other peace of mind would come easily if you do. Doesn't challenging me, even knowing that it may spell your death, bring you anxiety? You are a very capable Stand user. It's a waste to kill you.

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    I'm happy that it is my birthday today!

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    // i won't be online today due to the power outage, but don't worry ill be back as soon its back on.

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    @kandace // Go visit any modeling agency chat rooms in IMVU and post some pictures so that you can use them here. :-)

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    While I was traveling, searching for you, I died again and again, and I finally realized: a world where you and I can both live doesn't exist.Don't come closer to me. I'll only bring you misery...

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    Ojalá se te caigan los ojos por brechadora!

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    O sorrowful warriors who must bear the cross known as “peace”…

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    If I survive but couldn’t protect what was important to me, then I might as well be dead. Please don’t forget me my friends, then my soul will live on inside you. There’s no need for goodbyes. If there’s anything to say… What I used to do was fulfill my duties as a machine without any hesitation. As I was just a single elaborate screw. But now I’ve been filled with all this useless data. I’ve become such an oil-smeared screw. So to everyone, I would say… Thank you for being my friends! No matter what the future holds in store for us, we’ll be alright as long as we’re together. That is also an important piece of information I have gathered.

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    Hi all. I'm not actively checking Skyrie at the moment. If you email things in to support@skyrie.net they'll be checked right away. Thanks!

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    No matter how much people hate us, no matter how much we're ridiculed, but we'll definitely not become men who can't protect the things that need to be protected.A leader doesn't need the strength to subdue a comrade. All he needs is the strength to protect one.A leader's crown doesn't rest on his head. It rests on the ideals of all his men!I don't care about that gap you created on your own. I'll jump across it as many times as it takes, and punch some sense into you.Draw your swords! Even if you have to step over my dead body, you have things you need to protect, now come at me!If someone went the wrong way, the other two would beat him up until he got back on track. That's how it always been. That's why we'll always stay on the right path.Monkeys we maybe, but we're monkey with nerves of steel and hearts of samurai!Careful now... my bumpkin faction's practice swings can kill.

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    It’s not about wanting to do something that you can do, it’s about what you do. It’s not about wanting to become someone, it’s about who you want to become.I had a lot of dreams as a child. I wanted many people to listen to the piano. I wanted to fly. I wanted to communicate with animals. Those dreams have all pretty much come true. Right now, I have a different dream. What mankind can imagine is what mankind can make into a reality. The imagination is a weapon. It is far superior than anything else in the world.

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    *Hundreko was playing her weapons of mass percussion, Eclipsezweil using a pair of blade shaped drumsticks at a high frequency called Dual Eclipse as she practiced for Bud Virgin Logic's next performance. She was also thinking of how fortunate she was that although, originally she's white tiger shaped Myumondroid girl secretly developed by the mystery foundation’s facility and given to Ailane @littleliongirl as a playfellow, Ailane instead decided she would be a friend and band member. But she was more grateful that by being adopted by Leo and Ren @charmingsilver @purpledemonflame , she had become more. She had become a family member. And with enhancements and adjustments by the Sacred SatouFlame Institute, she felt more alive and grateful than ever to be able to feel more emotions and better connect with Ailane, Peipain and her beloved clan and family.*

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    *Peipain was happiest when she was playing with her bandmates, now family members, Ailane and Hundreko. She had a habit of hiding large quantities of weapons under her skirt, it was her way of being prepared to protect Ailane anywhere they went, without any hesitation. She had gotten the proper permits to carry them around. As they practiced at RawSugar Sound Studio she would pick up her base, Nosferatupai and jam out tunes with Bud Virgin Logic. She knew her father Takeda was proud of her for all the progress she made in the her new life, especially after being adopted by him.* @littleliongirl @littletigergirl @midnightgreenwarrior2

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