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    //Gomen everyone I may not be on much today or this weekend as I’m being taken out for my birthday today and my friends want to treat me to things at the weekend when they’re all free regarding my birthday so I won’t be on as much as I should

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    -She heard that her sister had arrived and was glad to know she was safe- let’s hope nothing like that happens again -she smiled as Himawari brought her home- Hello Hanabi -she bowed to her younger sister-@himawari @hanabigentlefisthyuga

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    When people do stupid shit on purpose it comes back and bites them in the ass. Keep it up!

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    Ad~ The character pictures i use are not of genderbend Naruto its an OC named Kasumi Uzumaki all credit to the original owner which i have permission to use them from. Also for all those curious Aranea was made up by my idea alone as the twin of Kurama being she is naruto's twin sister but the cloning of Kurama failed and resulted in Aranea being a spider which i will post a picture reference for all to see what i mean.

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    ~Beni is on his way here so he will be arriving after me it seems heh, so now to find Aoba.~//just a note that the start of my story here will be where he is alone and gets transported here while he was looking for Aoba and Koujaku, and you will all see what I mean by that in due time for when Beni arrives here we will talk it over and then escape into this new world together but for now I will simply observe and read everything here to get a gist of how to use the site and get around to meeting everyone soon, arigato.//

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    I've migrated Skyrie to a better server in preparation for the big update. Let me know if you encounter any bugs. It should be a bit faster now as well!

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    // Note to everyone. I think it's reasonable to ask that before you list people as related to you in any way, shape or form, have their consent but also make sure you have them as your friends. Otherwise, it looks rather awkward.

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    Naruto we can’t see your profile is something wrong with it

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    Time is money!

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    //Sorry for the disappearance everyone, been busy with work. x.x

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    @hinatashybyakuganshadowlightuzumakii Thank you for the add Lady Hinata.

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    There are two things you need to know...