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Jiang Cheng {Jiang Wanyin}

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The Wei Kingdom, Yunmeng Jiang Shi

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New Friends, Roleplaying, Gaming


Full Name: Jiang Cheng

Courtesy Name: Wanyin

Rank: Sect Leader, Senior Immortal Cultivator, Sword art wielder

Family: Son of Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan. Brother to Jiang ChunYanli and step brother to Wei Wuxian. Uncle of Jing Ling.

Other relations: uncle to Lan Yuan and now brother in law to Lan Wangji due to his marriage to Wei Wuxian.

Alliances: He is not shown to consider many to ally himself with yet he is close with the Gusu Lan Sect and the Qinghe Nie Sect.

Trusted Friends: He is close with anyone once he considers they are of sound mind and can be trusted.