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oof my goodness that disgusting piece of garbage of a used to be biography. I cringe real good at it.

okay I’m Max, I enjoy drawing. Not that big into rp anymore, but you can try to make me like it again if you want, probably won’t happen tbh. I’ve graduated that place called highschool, and I’m 18. Wow I’m old, I joined this site like 5 or 6 years ago.

If you look through my horde of rps I’ve joined, most of them I actually haven’t rped in, cause I’m:
1. lazy
2. forgot this place is still real
3. Addicted to mmos ((if you play mabinogi on the alexina server hit me up, I’m Newleaf81))
But to the ones I have rped in, you can look at my deliciously, cringey rp writing. Please don’t look, I’ll cri. Max is such a mary sue.

okay well I can’t think of anything else that you would really care for, but if for some reason you actually want to talk to me just message me on Discord Max#8182 I’m not active here.

Can you make sure you put in the message “I’m from Skyrie and saw your profile” or whatever, cause if you don’t I’m gonna ask who you are, stranger.

aight well I’m bored now see ya


Nintendo ID

pokemon X: 1048-9718-2609 pokemon black 2: 0390 8279 6255