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Name: Wei ShenYu

Formal: Shenwei

Alias: Professor Shen

Position: Professor/Immortal Black Robe Ambassador

Partner: Zhao Yunlan

Parents: Cao Pi and Zhen Fu Ji /Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan

Brothers: Ye Zun, Wei Ying, Jiang Feng, Jiang Xiwen, Jiang Cheng

Sisters: Jiang Song Yao, Jiang Yanli

Brother in laws: Lan Zhan/Wangji 

Nephews: Jin Ling, Lan Yuan, Jiang Xiaoyu’er, Jiang Hua Wuque

Other Relations: Lan Xichen

{Early Life}

Shen Wei’s  parents died when he was a child leaving him and his brother, Ye Zun alone in the world. The two of them decided to leave home to make their own way in the world and around the time that they did, an asteroid collided with his home world. It released 120,000 tomes of energy and destroyed the underground where he lived. The planet became “resource less” and people’s minds and thoughts started to change. They started to get used to it but Shen Wei decided he wasn’t going to let that happen to him, so he started coming forward whenever there were fights or troubles. His enemies started fearing him and they called him Black Cloak Envoy because he always wore black clothes. An extremist Chieftain used his power of manipulation to create the rebel faction and try to take over. He comes across Shen Wei and Ye Zun on top of a cliff when they were children and tries to get Shen Wei to join him, because he has potential. Shen Wei sees his bloody hand and says that he just killed someone. Ye Zun, who hadn’t been feeling well, coughs so hard that he passes out. The Chieftain goes to check his pulse and Shen Wei slaps his hand away, telling him not to hurt his brother. The Chieftain grabs him by the throat and throws him off the cliff. He survives the fall with just a few scrapes but when he gets up, he trips over a half-buried rusted glaive which he digs out. He runs back up to the top of the cliff to find his brother but no one’s there. Shen Wei eventually comes to believe that he’s dead but unbeknownst to him, Ye Zun had been told by the Chieftain that Shen Wei abandoned him and afterward was taken in and controlled by him.

{Present Life}
10,000 years pass, the Hallows have been lost, resources are becoming scarcer. The Justiciar’s assistant thinks that the Black Cloak Envoy was “quite cowardly” and that they could have lived above ground instead if it wasn’t for him. Shen Wei goes to see his brother in the pillar before he leaves. Ye Zun tells him that the gods seem to want to keep them alive so they can fight each other.  At some unspecified point prior to the start of the show, a squad of Dixingren had been dispatched by the Palace to help Shen Wei find the Hallows, but he lost contact with them.

{Waking up in skyrie}

//This will explain how he lost contact with everyone and ended up in skyrieverse, under co for now gomen.//