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Heya folks! Name’s Chipper! Well actually it’s really Mackie. Well ok it’s actually Maxine. But who has time for all of that? People always walk in to my shop and say ‘ wow your chipper ‘ and I just say ‘ sure am ‘ so now it’s what I go by. Cute right? I like to think it means I can give something back to customers that don’t need fixin. What’s there to say about me? As far back as I can remember I’ve been covered in grease and oil with a wrench in one hand and something broken in the other. Don’t get any funny ideas about me being covered in that stuff. I’m a mechanic, engineering and all around tinkerer. If you break something I can put it back together and maybe even improve it if ya lucky. Alien tech, old bikes, boats planes. You name it and I’ll tinker it to life. I personally hate fighting so you’ll never catch me with medals and scars but I’m pretty good at wippin up some neat bangers and broomsticks if I got the right parts lying around. So swing by my shop, mind the low door, it’s tha only thing I haven’t fixed, and ask for any tinker service you like. You won’t be disappointed I promise.