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Apple Marigold [Vox#DominoBug]

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Full Name: Apple Marigold

“Hero Name”: Gold Mari

Clan Title: Vox#DominoBug

Alignment: Lawful Good

Species: Swarmling – Ladybug Type

Bio: Apple is a ladybug girl born in Papylon, a kingdom of bug anthropomorphs called Swarmlings. She acts childish for her age (a common trait among Swarmlings) but is generally just adorable and cuddly. She has a righteous heart, but isn’t very strong, so she tries to avoid conflict wherever possible. She hopes one day to be someone that children, Swarmling and otherwise, can look up to. As a child she’d wanted to be a superhero but later realised she wasn’t cut out for the dangers associated with the job. In the future she ends up as an actress, her most known role being that of the Yellow Chroma Ranger, one of a group of rainbow-clad heroes on a kid’s TV show.

The enchanced Noi Tome is a book crafted for her by Red Linkette Suzan, that functions as a diary on the odd-numbered pages, and as a magic-enhancing grimoire on the even-numbered ones. Generates new pages as she runs out of diary space.
The Thrust Pack is a backpack designed by Chipper that allows Apple to effectively fly by sensing and emulating the motion of her wings and allowing her to boost her flight using jet thrusts.

Height: Average for a human girl at her age. Take note: Swarmlings are about the same size as humans, not their bug counterparts.

Traits: Childish, Considerate, Easily impressed, Ticklish, Unable to swim, Fears thunder

Likes: Helping people, Justice, Lettuce, Honey, Bugs, Bug Puns, Dominoes

Dislikes: Thunder, Crime, Birds (except Mystia <3)


> Adam Marigold: Apple’s father, works as a train signaller.

> Irene Marigold: Apple’s mother, currently in training to become a teacher.


> Radar: The ability to sense dominant emotions in a 50m radius using her antennae. Needs to be activated, and leaving it active for extended periods of time can cause headache. Can detect joy, sadness, anxiety, shock/terror, anger, determination, wickedness and lust.

> Mood Signal: Basic light-elemental magic in the form of colourful rays that can be fired from any of her fingers, antennae, or the pages of her tome. The colour of the beam depends on Apple’s state of mind. If the target has a matching mood, it provides healing. Otherwise, it inflicts damage. The beam has no effect on terrain or inanimate objects (or more strictly, emotionless objects), it passes through transparent objects and reflects off of mirrored surfaces.


> RP Preferences: Cute, Fantasy, Slice of Life
> Alt. Accounts: @is-a-bell, @phantomthiefzamb
> Timezone: GMT
> Takes Messages?: Yes please!
> Bloggu: Apple’s Pick