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  • Galah Kaan

    June 9, 2020 at 7:29 pm

    // Magical Connection: Skyrie arrival of Galah, Canary and Claudio//
    @claudio @kanaria

    *Galah and Canary had been seperated when they were still children. Their parents had died in an accident and they were both taken to orphanages and later adopted by separate families.
    Galah ended up with a family in Neo Yokio that were well aware of his mage abilities. He would soon become a well known Magistocrat and Demon Slayer. He was used to living among the elite class and was often outspoken and would say things without giving much thought to other people’s feelings. He had never forgetten his sister so he was determined to find her. In his spare time, he would cast a spell to track her whereabouts which usually ended without favorable results.

    One day after finishing work exorcisting a demon from an elite mansion. He came across an mirror that caught his interest. Rather than getting paid, he requested the mirror. Taking it home, he studied it and tried to awaken it’s powers. He was sure the mirror was some kind of portal. For some reason, his mind shifted to thoughts of an old friend who had disappeared from the orphanage. Everyone said he might have been kidnapped. His face was always shown on TV and many would say he was missing. He nor his body ever appeared. Galah shook his head.* Why am I thinking of Claudio now? Why now? The turned towards the mirror and noticed it was glowing. An image of Claudio appeared.* What is this!? Claudio, can you hear me? *The image of Claudio seemed to be speaking but he couldn’t hear him. The idea that this mirror could conjure up his friend gave him hope that it could find his sister. His thoughts of his sister Canary made her reflection also appear in the mirror. He jumped back a bit. He wondered, was the mirror using his nostalgic thoughts to bring forth images of those he lost and cared about. Canary was waving as if she could see him. He waves t both, excited and smiles. He felt they were so close that he reached for them. His hand went through the mirror, he feel through, darkness engulfed him, he momentarily went into panic mode, he then caught his breathe as he remembers images if his friend Helena telling him that there was nothing he couldn’t do with his magical abilities. This allowed him to concentrate. The more he concentrated, the clearer it became to him that he wasn’t alone, he felt two other souls were with him but they were surrounded by some kind of light, soon his body was also surrounded by a calming light that guided all three of them towards an exit point from the void. It threw them right in the middle of what looked like an abandoned city, he landed in front of a store in front of Claudio and Canary. Galah’s eyes were filled with shock and confusion. He wasn’t sure if it was all an illusion. He reached his hand towards his sister Canary and the other hand to Claudio.* Am I imagining this? Is it an illusion created by the mirror? *But as he touched them, their hands felt real. Everything around him felt real. The mirrors cracked and fell apart. Galah slowly stood up and helped his sister and friend up. He was still in disbelief.*

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