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    @wakasa //Gomen we haven't spoken until now or met, I am Mato nice finally meeting you.

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    *With a notebook in front of her filled with different words. She picks up her guitar named, Rosereveschniden and begins to form the words from her notebook together and once she starts to play, the words and sound being to intertwine and dance together harmoniously. She had a song to play with her beloved bandmates Peipain and Hundreko. With some practice and the addition of Hundreko's drums and Peipain's base the song would come alive. They would rehearse it several times until they felt fully satisfied by their collaboration and then they would soon perform the song to their fans and audiences everywhere. It made Ailane happy to go through this beautiful process. Her eyes were bright with excitement and she looked at Hundreko and Peipain glad they were now family and still doing everything they loved together.* @littletigergirl @peipain

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    *Hundreko was playing her weapons of mass percussion, Eclipsezweil using a pair of blade shaped drumsticks at a high frequency called Dual Eclipse as she practiced for Bud Virgin Logic's next performance. She was also thinking of how fortunate she was that although, originally she's white tiger shaped Myumondroid girl secretly developed by the mystery foundation’s facility and given to Ailane @littleliongirl as a playfellow, Ailane instead decided she would be a friend and band member. But she was more grateful that by being adopted by Leo and Ren @charmingsilver @purpledemonflame , she had become more. She had become a family member. And with enhancements and adjustments by the Sacred SatouFlame Institute, she felt more alive and grateful than ever to be able to feel more emotions and better connect with Ailane, Peipain and her beloved clan and family.*

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    *Peipain was getting ready to go to school and rehearse with her bandmates, friends, now family Ailane and Hundreko. She had the habit of hiding large quantities of weapons under her skirt. This way she could protect Ailane without hesitation. She had gotten permits to carry them even within True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames. Once she is dressed, she picks up her bass, Nosferatupai. Heads towards her father who is getting ready to go to work.* See you later daddy Takeda! And makes her way towards the bus where her bandmates wait for her every morning. *@midnightgreenwarrior2 @littleliongirl @littletigergirl

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    Do you even know what Limbo is? Obviously you don’t. Of all the destinations of parted spirits, it’s, by far, the most horrific: Absolute misery. Every part of you sliced away except your ability to experience pain. Ten thousand years of wishing you would cease to exist, and yet knowing that you won’t.

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    A loud growl would be heard from the stomach of the male as a small sigh escaped his lips. "Why do I always get hungry when I return home?" He would shove his hands into his pockets as he fiddled around to find the candy that he kept hidden away.

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    I did a bad thing years back...Hurt my friends, my family...But all I can do now is move forward!

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    You aren't facing the facts. Nobody can survive in this world on ideals alone. We can't live without the gang.

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    Brute force is our only option! It's time for my true resolve to shine!

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    If I can't shoot, then I won't! I still got other ways of fucking you up!