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Most people within the village of Willowdale knew Blanid by the title they gave her and her adoptive mother, known as “Witch of the Forest” and most of Blanid’s origins were unknown, all there is known is that she was adopted as an infant when she was found abandoned within the river by an dragon-shifter named Rondriam, the younger brother of the tribe’s leader – who later took her back to his off-and-on again lover, an witch named Zuzu Oakenvale who was the mother of their half-breed son Dagordian.


Despite there was some hesitation of keeping the child Zuzu and Rondriam decided to adopt her and raise her as their own daughter alongside their biological son therefore Blanid never grew up with other nymphs; but instead grew up alongside the dragon-shifter tribe ruled by her adoptive uncle and learning knowledge of magic by her mother alongside her brother. As her father’s tribe lives within the mountains in safety from humans, just as her adoptive mother and her adoptive aunt also lived in the forest due to humans’ outlook on magic she also grew up as an forest hermit.


Which that is the life Blanid particularly enjoys the most, however as she grew older it occurred to her mother and father that the young nymph also came with an curse on her that Blanid came to discover later on in her young life when an hunter went missing and was found deceased by other villagers, she and her family came to agreement to keep her curse an secret until they do find a way to reverse the curse but only until then she only hoped to learn to control it and perhaps use it for the better instead.


Now as an adult Blanid still lived as an hermit, only earning an reputation same as her aunt and mother – known to the villagers – as “Witches of the Forest” and were always met with harsh demeanor and reasonable fear since Edla, Zuzu and Blanid seemed very skilled in magic but however the young nymph does use her magic for good such as healing wounds of wandering travelers who were injured or perhaps entertain an lonely child of an farmer named Libitina whom Blanid has an strong bond with.


Life as she knew it was peaceful within the isolation, however Blanid’s secret will soon be threatened and the young witch soon will have to decide to either flee from her only family and her only friend or perhaps stay behind to fight for her secret to stay concealed and eventually learn about her forgotten true origins.