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‘ Innocent waifs on the outside, immortal spirits on the inside ‘

Never aging, the wise and battle worn Elins still appear as vulnerable and innocent as their Goddess was in the moment of their creation. Also known as the Daughters of Elinu, these divine spirits are committed to upholding their Goddess’s dream – keep nature safe, no matter the cost.


No one knows how old Faust is because her race is immortal and she stubbornly refuses to give any kind of answer.

Faust is much like any other Elin in that her appearance is one of a very young woman or even child with animal elements peaking through. Most notable being her secondary cat ears and tail.

Getting a good understanding of her can be tricky, even for fellow Elin as Faust seems to act like a hyper child or adolescent but insists on being treated with same respect as a grown up, or at the very least hates being talked down to.

Although by all rights divine, she is more mischievous and hot headed than most Elin you’ll meet but she is still a devoted guardian of nature and all around good person.

Being immortal has allowed her to learn a great many skill outside of natural magical abilities, though no one knows the true extent of this due to her own stubbornness.

Faust is a skilled fighter who’s hyper energy and smaller stature along with her innocent demeanour makes her unpredictable as an opponent. Something she is all to aware of and takes pleasure in boasting about.

Not much else is known about Faust as she has an annoying habit of sneaking into records offices, library’s and museums to remove any trace of herself from history. Even her name is unknown with Faust actually being the name of the wizard who found her on one of his pilgrimages.