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Nic (Nicolas Brown)

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Name: Nicolas Brown
Nickname: Nic / Nico
Alias: Big Hands / Tagged
Mercenary of the SugarBeast Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: HiredGangstaSugarBeast

Hair/Eye Colors: Black
Blood Type B
Father: Gaston Brown (West Gate Mercenary Commander)
Mother: unknown Tagged prostitute
Race: Human (Hagure / Half-Twilight)
Nic was born deaf. He endured constant abuse under his father and his mercenary group.
Later becomes Worick’s bodyguard and later the two become close friends.

Personality: Aloof, mostly quiet, occasionally speaks out of irritation or when someone isn’t able to understand sign language.

Occupation: Hired Gun/ Mercenary
Partner-in crime: Worick Arcangelo
Affiliation: Benriya
Former Affiliation: West Gate Mercenaries and Monroe Family
Notable Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Expert Swordsman, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant.
Weapon of Choice: Katana
Notes: He loves cats