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Mystia Lorelei [Vox#SenselessSongbird]

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New Friends, Roleplaying, Gaming


“The good little children went to bed at noon!”
Hello, I’m a night sparrow. I go around the forest singing, getting people lost, and grilling fishies. All at the same time! Nice to meet you!
I’m on my last life so I’ll try to behave. You don’t have to worry about me eating humans, nope! Every time I tried that I’d end up dying :(
Singing is how I get to know people. If you don’t like it, don’t add me.
Alternate Accounts: @heartsutra
Source: Touhou: Imperishable Night, Touhou: Phantasmorgia of Flower View
Species: Night Sparrow (yokai)
Birthday: She can’t remember, but 6th November was when she was brought into Skyrie so she celebrates it on that day.
Clan Title: Vox#SenselessSongbird
Family: Adopted by Rosea Grandstaff. Sister to Kandace Grandstaff-Raystriker.
Personality: Mystia is a little arrogant and outgoing, and a bit dense. Now that she’s on her last life she’s more timid but previously she’d been quite the troublemaker. Above all else she loves to sing and hates getting interrupted.
Abilities: Mystia has a magical singing voice that bewitches humans, weakening their judgment and usually making them end up lost. She is unaware of this ability.
She can also inflict night-blindness on people, reducing their vision at night to a maximum of a few centimeters in front of them and disabling any innate night-vision abilities. It doesn’t work during the day nor on night-vision goggles or cameras.
Mystia has control over winged insects and small birds but only in the computer world. She may regain this ability in Skyrie as she familiarises herself with the nature around here.
Octopation: Student (True Crossover Academy), grilled fish and eel vendor (Forest of Harmony)
Origin: Mystia originally came from an enchanted or possibly cursed computer. The computer was originally owned by a gamer mage who wasn’t particularly good at Touhou, Mystia’s origin game. The catch to this computer was that when a character was close to a game over they would try to escape the computer world through the monitor, but are unable to do it alone. The unnamed gamer had chosen to play as Mystia in Touhou 9, and was close to losing the last of her 5 lives when Mystia panicked and tried to escape. Naturally this came as a shock and the gamer kicked Mystia back in and looked for a place far away to abandon it. That place was the borderlands of Skyrie.
Mystia spent the next hour fleeing within the computer world before she could find another oppurtunity to escape, and this time Hikari reluctantly helped her out because she was curious.
Trivia: Despite having lost 4 lives in the computer world, Mystia says one of her lives was lost because of Thanksgiving and as a result became scared of the holiday. This could mean that she originally had more than 5 lives.