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    Constantly deciding whether things are good or bad, or better or worse than other things. Eventually, we make so many comparisons that our overloaded brains will accept anything; good or bad, right or wrong. Not caring which is which.

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    Leukocyte King : I am your copy. It doesn’t matter if I die, as long as you live, more copies can be made. Gintoki Sakata : I don’t remember having such a pathetic copy. You wouldn’t have a chance of taking my place. And I absolutely refuse to take yours. Nobody can take anybody’s place. There isn’t a person in this world that can take your place. It doesn’t matter if you were based on me or have the same face. You’re the one who’s devoted yourself to protecting Tama this whole time, not me. As far as Tama is concerned, you’re no copy or substitute. You’re someone who’s always been there for her, a precious, irreplaceable friend… If you truly care about Tama, never talk about dying again. Never call yourself a substitute again. I’m done fighting with you. Let’s survive and have a drink together, brother. Leukocyte King : I have no interest in fermented juices. It’s a different story if you have Rokkou mineral water, brother! Gintoki Sakata : Your life is no longer yours to throw away. You’re more than someone who protects Tama. All the protecting you’ve done has led you to the people who will protect you in return. All squirmy-like. Just like a white blood cell. Leukocyte King : I just had to be the copy of such a difficult man. Even now, I can’t offer any words of gratitude, or tears… What would you do in this situation? Gintoki Sakata : Smile. @shiroyassha

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    If I survive but couldn't protect what was important to me, then I might as well be dead. Please don't forget me my friends, then my soul will live on inside you. There's no need for goodbyes. If there's anything to say... What I used to do was fulfill my duties as a machine without any hesitation. As I was just a single elaborate screw. But now I've been filled with all this useless data. I've become such an oil-smeared screw. So to everyone, I would say... Thank you for being my friends! No matter what the future holds in store for us, we'll be alright as long as we're together. That is also an important piece of information I have gathered.

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    @cottontail //your so cute! thank you for the friends request I look forward to maybe rp with you in time. -Mato

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    Time is money!

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    I never trusted anyone, good or bad. I never felt guilty for betraying them. I never distinguished between right and wrong. I never understood the difference between God and the Devil. But as long as I feel ashamed, I will never do anything to disappoint him. No matter who else spits on me.

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    Hey, I'll have you know that I almost really did kick the bucket during that training, so don't you dare sum it all up in one word, even if it is a nice one like "potential."

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    I do not try to hide or disguise my moves. I do not have to. Even if you can read them, you cannot stop them. You are too slow. Your eyes may be quick enough to stay one step ahead of me, but if your body cannot keep up, what good does it do you?

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    * Hoffman stamped his way around the perimeter of the room as a large group of officers sat crammed together on benches, boxes and whatever was around to be used as seats. * Gentlemen. It appears to the outside world that all is in order and that the chaos has passed. We’ve all been in situations like that before and we know better than to believe it. It will come as no surprise to you then when I tell you that we will not be sitting idly by waiting for things to go to shit again. * He reaches the front once again and slammed his fist down hard on his desk. * I don’t give a damn what the people here may tell you. Just because we worked our asses off to save theirs, it doesn’t mean they trust us. * He points to a holographic map being projected behind him with anger and moves his hand to various locations as he speaks. * Thanks to our engineers we learnt the source of the recent disaster lay in this region here. But because of one former Major, we now know that not one of our projectiles or drones of any kind made it past this point. Someone doesn’t want us to see the bigger picture so I want you to find it! I don’t care if you have to fill the sky with every bird we got or have to patrol every street! Someone has answers and we are going to force those fuckers out. Use every man at your disposal and every trick you can think of. Dismissed.

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    Few people manage to catch my interest. I speak not of royal bearing or royal blood, but those born with the power of kings and an understanding of that burden. Also…

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