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    @darkphoenix * Purge had many traits enhanced about him including his ability to track and so made his way towards the powerful mutant of which only one conversation he had shared. But it was enough. As this ten foot tall armour clad angel of death strode with bolter in hands something was different. He maintained the same posture but pride was not in its usual abundance. He was of course as always ready for combat but he seemed, tired. Not physically or even mentally but perhaps...emotionally? *

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    // Thank you for the rp, Purge! It was fun! :-) // @umbertoslinn

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    (Noctis and his puppet of @kandace says) noctis have I ever told you your my best boyfriend why do I even keep the others around your soooooo much better then that @mystia (noctis says) I know shes like ohhh i'm sooooo mad at your for blocking my sister (puppet of kandace says) and don't get me started with @naruto (noctis says) Naruto is a joke look at me i'm the hokage i protect everyone and everything and i get punched by pink hair little girls and @apple i still can't decade if she is really cute or really creepy spoil I'm arming for creepy (puppet kandace says) ohhhh noctis can I tell you a secret i'm usually alway mad or sad but for you i'm alway happy and to let you know i want to run off with you and start a family with you hehe (real kandace says) NOCTIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Noctis says) ah! kandace uh (kandace borns the puppet) (noctis says) NOOOOOOOO PUPPET KANDACE (real Kandace says) If you ever do something creepy like that again I will born your creepy butt (kandace starts walking away) (mystia says as she walks away) sad thing is that's probably the only girlfriend he will ever get (naruto says as he walks out) ohh I almost feel bad for him and sorry for him too hahaha (apple looks at him mad then walks out with the others) (noctis looks around then grabs his puppet of sage as the puppet ask) wheres my sister kandace (noctis looks sad as he looks up) i don't know dear end of part 1

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    happy Valentine's day everyone!!!

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    //Hi fellow Skyrians, Apple here o/ I've recently been inspired to start a top 10 blog, as in a blog where my posts list my 10 favourites of something! Check it out if you'd like: https://goldmari467949202.wordpress.com If there's anything any of you would like to see a Ladybug List for, let me know ^w^

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    Hi everyone. Once again I must apologize for the delay. Work is progressing on the site and I'm going to start beta testing in the next few weeks. If you'd like to take part let me know in the comments. If you've already volunteered before I'll be in touch soon.

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    Well, I think I worked for at least 2 years to try and get the activation email for my account here, and now I'm here. Now I spend two years of waiting for maybe a day of searching to not even find fun games(in my very skewed opinion) to join in here. Oh well, I've come this far, time for the old college try.

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    // ad: For those I was talking to. I should be back later on. Sorry things to do ;)

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    Time is money!

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