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    Call me Thoth-sama. I will not allow anything aside from that.

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    @ergoproxy Rei el, welcome to Skyrie gomen i did not greet you sooner i am happy you made it alright. Remember what i told you and read up on the groups i told you about to make your entry here and then after i can set you to be guided around.

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    Time is money!

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    // back after a break gomen. anyone want to rp?

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    Happy Late New Years/ Birthday to anyone who has had one while I was away.

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    You compare. Humans are creatures of comparison. Constantly deciding whether things are good or bad, or better or worse than other things. Eventually, we make so many comparisons that our overloaded brains will accept anything; good or bad, right or wrong. Not caring which is which. [a man is gunned down] There was nothing out of the ordinary about being a criminal, or a victim of a crime. It was an everyday, ordinary thing. And violence was just part of the daily routine.

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    What is your problem? Why don’t you like me?! What have I ever done to you? I mean… that couldn’t be fixed with the massive application of a massive forest fire, a dissected corpse and a little cooperation.

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    What is there, over there? There is nothing. I was born in a bottom of a pit where no light shone. As if pressed together by the darkness. Untouched by everything at all. Born under those dark, dark sediments. I had a white form. My comrades were all in pure black. In those black forms with their eyes shining and teeth baring they were certainly eating something. And then... There was nothing to me, except my eyes. I felt nothing. No rather... It was possible that what I felt was "void", yet. I could hear nothing, I could bite nothing, I could smell nothing, I could feel nothing as I touch, I could not rest. I had no companion. Just walking, alone. The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning. The things that could not be reflected in my eyes do not exist. Walking walking walking walking walking walking walking walking. When I had arrived at last. I have found something extraordinary. It was somewhat the place of birth for those strange translucent objects that dotted this world. It was the first time... my eyes have been captured. With no color, with no sound, with no scent. Does not interact with anything, it only exists there. It was the closest existence to 'void' that I had ever laid eyes on. I sank my body... into... that great "void". There was nothing there,... Even I had lost my line of vision, and dissolved into the void... And felt as if everything had disappeared. Happiness. If such a thing called happiness exists in this world, it should be something which resembles the limitless nothingness. Nihility is having nothing, and having nothing to lose. If that isn't "happiness", then what is? The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning. The things that could not be reflected in my eyes, do not exist. There is nothing... in you... and... in me.

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    I do not try to hide or disguise my moves. I do not have to. Even if you can read them, you cannot stop them. You are too slow. Your eyes may be quick enough to stay one step ahead of me, but if your body cannot keep up, what good does it do you?

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    @toshizosaotome *He wernt to them to offer best happy wishes and bowed respectfully* Congratulations to you both aunt ginko and uncle Toshi

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    Few people manage to catch my interest. I speak not of royal bearing or royal blood, but those born with the power of kings and an understanding of that burden. Also…