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Tarotachi Oodachi (Xiaolin 通太 SugarKnight)

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Skyrie/GrandSugarClan Empire

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Given Name: Shitaro Oodachi

Nickname: Tarotachi

Birth Name: Ming Xiao Shi

Family: Ming Xi-yan was his mother but after her death a merchant who  named Daizen Oodachi found and adopted him but some time later passed he died leaving him the boy alone only to be rescued and raised by the lady of the wei kingdom whom he is loyal to.

Clan:  Head of the SugarKnight Branch of the GrandSugarClan

Clan Name: XiaolinBladeSugarKnight

Partner: He is married to his one and only eternal love, Hei Tian Hua

Definitive Markings: He has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade of a black moon symbolizing the darkness of the incident he was born into.


Xiao Shi’s father was an imperial court jester who was advisor to lord cao cao. His mother was a royal, sold off as a courtesan to the high emperor of the ming dynasty. When she found herself with child the emperor found out and had his men murder her as he would never allow an illegimate to rise up and come for his throne. His mother’s final words were a prayer to the goddess of the heavens to spare his life but she also held another wish which was for my father to die a most painful death at the hands of his most trusted friend because of the way he had tortured her for years on end until her death. The goddess spared the child by granting him life and also spared him the memories of that life by it.  Shi  grew up into a fine man and  had a love that shook him to his entire soul, but before they could be married he was killed in battle by a wicked and greedy king who found me and discovered who he was. The goddess saved the male yet again and warned me never to go looking in search of my love for it would lead me to that same fate but Shi was resistant and some years later reincarnated yet again and as fate would have it, they met again and fell in love only this time for him to lose her on the night of the wedding ceremony along with his child she carried. Xiao Shi begged the goddess to take his life to spare hers even if it meant that he would lose the love of his life and a child with her,  he simply would ask for nothing more than he asked for as he wished her to live on. Feeling sympathy for his plight he was granted one final reincarnation and his love also but he had not found her long after he awakened.

// After his awakening in Skyrie.//

Several years had passed and  as fate would allow it, he met his lady once again in this modern era and he knew it was fate. He began to court her and in a happy few years together he asked for her hand. With the blessing of the heavens he married her and is now with her body and soul forever as intended by the fates.