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    @skyrie am i your valentine this year?~ (say yes or ill stick sharp things in your booty (⊙‿⊙✿) )

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    This is a twelve year-old girl. Forget this account ever existed, you filthy animals.

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    "Hehehe,What do we have here?" the masked merchant chuckled,and he looked around the website."It seems that I have come back after a while--I do apologize,mi amigos.Time really isn't on one's side after all.",he said,after swirling in his chair and eating a chocolate bar.

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    @yewnoleflambeur u a bich <3

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    This place is so dead. WHalpDiscord: DanteCrossing#8947 Yall know what to do if you know it.

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    I have returned.... now where oh where are all the troublemakers?

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    http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608002992201403954&w=250&h=185&c=7&rs=1&qlt=80&pid=1.7 I am le guide. Let us BEGIN.

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    so...It's been more than 3 years since last time I visited this site. Most of the people I knew on here are no longer active. SSame goes for the groups. The page is also really different than how it used to be. I don't even now if it's the same page as before. Anyways, it still has the Skyrie's name on it, and I'm gonna trust that. Let's check how this page works now.

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    Has this place become a living meme.Xalla's next OC should be a dank memist.

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    Tartarus posted a new picture

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    i really need to stay here some...... soooo.... wazzup everybody??

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    (Stop trying to hook up with me. This is a roleplay account, for non-sexual, non-romantic roleplay. The picture is a 3D render. What makes you stupid bots think I'm a real person trying to look for a quick lay?)

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    posted a photo

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    @coca-colie Hey, it's been a while since we've talked. I want you to check something for me, I did it over vacation and I haven't really edited it that much. I think I did it better than before, I described a lot more than what I would've done. But I still think I suck. Anyways, here you go.Thud.… Thud…. A young boy threw a baseball against a house. It thudded softly on the side, before bouncing back to the owner of the ball. The boy caught it, then threw it again. His black hair was cut short, but still messy. A car drove past his vision, in the corner of his electric blue eyes, he saw it was an all black car. With tinted windows, he couldn't see who drove it. "Maybe I should tell Mom…." He murmured, looking towards the front of the house. His eyes lit up as he saw his brother in the door way. "Harri! I saw a weird looking car!" The young boy called to his brother, running up to him. Harri smiled at him, patting his head. "Cars come by ever once and a while, don't worry about it." He said, ruffling his hair. "But it was all black, and I couldn't see the drivers! Shouldn't I tell Mom?" The boy's smile turned to a frown, "What if something bad is gonna happen? I don't Mom and Dad hurt!" "I'm sure it'll be all fine. The car drove past didn't it? It's not parked right outside our house. It's probably for another family." The boy's face turned angry, "How can you say that?! They're human beings like us! I bet their crying right now." Tears leaked out the little boy's eyes. "Come on, little Max, men don't cry!" Harri said, carefully dodging the question. At this Max puffed out his chest. "I'm not crying, there's just something in my eye…" Max said, looking away from Harri. "Mmhm, sure," he laughed.

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    oh my god

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    @winkandgivedoubleguns You look like an angel..... Even when you are being possessed by Satan.

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