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Zhen Fu {Zen Sanren}

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Wei Kingdom, Yunmeng Jiang Shi

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New Friends, Roleplaying, Gaming


Full Name: Zhen Fu Jiang

Formal Name: Zen Sanren

Current Life: She has retained all memories of her past lives they remain with her stored within her spiritual core.

Reincarnations: Cangse Sanren-Wei [former]  Yu Ziyuan [current]

Alias: Violet Spider

Birth Sect: Meishan Yu, later Yunmeng Jiang by marriage.

Husband:  Jiang Fengmian

Sons: Jiang Feng, Jiang Xiwen, Jiang Cheng, Wei WuXian, Shen Wei, Ye Zun

Daughters: Jiang-Song Yao, Jiang Yanli

Grandsons: Jin Ling, Lan Yuan, Jiang Xiaoyu’er, Jiang Hua Wuque

Alliance: Friend of Lady Tian Hua, Hei whom she was classmates. She is also quite fond of the xiaolin knight who protected her, Tarotachi/Xiao Shi 

Clan alliances: She considers Lady Helena of the GrandSugarClan a trusted friend and will aid her if ever it is needed.