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Mato OkumuraSakata-Yatogami ★BlackRoseSugarFang★

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United States


GrandSugarClan Empire/SugarFang Branch House

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Full Name: Mato Kuroi OkumuraSakata-Yatogami

Birth Name [Game Mode] Stella

Nicknames: Matokii, Gray

Member of the SugarFang family of the GrandSugarClan

Parents: Gintoki-Lucifer and Helena OkumuraSakata [SugarDemon]

Clan Name: BlackRoseSugarFang

Partner: Married to Kuroh Yatogami

Children: She has a daughter named Tohka and a son named Suya.

She was born on 22nd September 2035, and was named Stella by Professor Gibson. Gibson, who had abandoned everything else he had worked for, took Stella with him and fled from his research facility in Russia 3 days later and went back to live in San Francisco. Knowing that Stella would suffer the same flaw of deteriorating memory as the past clone soldiers, Professor Gibson later began his research to help preserve Stella’s memory from an external device. With help from his technicians, he successfully made a stasis tube that would help Stella increase physical strength while retaining her memories. Professor Gibson decided to contact the UEF and formally announces Stella’s existence, considering her as the last hope of mankind. Stella was confined to the stasis tube at the age of 6, despite her refusal. Project 12 was announced, with the plan of having Stella to stay in the tube for 12 years so she would be prepared to fight the aliens. However, in 2051, the aliens began their 3rd wave of invasion with numbers of Armaments greater than the first two. On the 25th of September, the remaining 12 UEF members, who were also the last men on Earth, woke Stella 3 years earlier than planned due to the urgency of the situation. Stella is one of the last residents on a dead Earth, joining the last stand of the remaining forces of Earth to fight against beings called the Seven Apostles. She is considered to be the ultimate weapon, whose abilities are the only hope to save Earth from utter destruction.

How she came to find her parents [my twists on this character as i am role playing out my way of this characters story]:

Stella was the last hope that mankind had and she saved many lives but many also feared her because of her bright blue flames and for what she was, half devil and half human. She considered herself human above all else but it was later revealed to her that she was a demon’s daughter. Due to her memory she lost all ties to her birth named self by the professor and took on a more human appearance and assumed the name Mato Kuroi as told by professor Gibson before he died. He told her to live her life and trust in her emotions and to above all else protect her loved ones. Some years later she came to be on a vast battlefield and ended up on the brink of death when she met a woman and man with the brightest auras she had ever seen. The male who unknown to her at the time was her father, and the lady saved her life taking her to a safe place and treated her wounds. They asked her things like whats your name where are your parents, she told them what she knew to be true and they took her home with them. In time she became their daughter and learned to love and treasure those dear to her. She has recently remembered her sisters Megumi [Nana in game] and Minori along with her brother Erato [Satoshi, my idea] and lives alongside them within the grand sugar empire.