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The Basics

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Ririchiyo Kokonoe TestarossaSakata❤️SereneLavenderSucreSpiritus❤️

Date of Birth

July 17, 1994

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United States


Maison De Ayakashi/Grand SugarClan Empire

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Full Name: Ririchiyo Shirakiin-KokonoeMikiharaTestarossaOkumuraSakata

Race: Atavist

Clan: Member of the Sugar Spirit Branch and WhisperedObake Unit of the GrandSugarClan.

Clan Name: SereneLavenderSugarSpirit

Husband: Miyabi KokonoeTestarossaSakata

Son: Natsume

Daughter: Inari

Stepdaughter: Akari

Background and my twist:

Ririchiyo was always alone as she grew up and she often felt isolated from everything and everyone taking on the adaptation isolation youkai. In that time of being raised this way it made her develop a strong tsundre like character as well as a sharp tongue that often gets the best of her. Ririchiyo was found by Helena OkumuraSakata and taken care of from the moment Riri opened up to her about how she was raised and lived until that point and she was taken in to live among them as a family friend. She remained with lady Helena alongside her family but when she met the half ayakashi fox son of Sir Leonardo, Miyabi her world as she knew it had taken a turn as it was when she fell in love with him and as they drew closer together they became a couple and in time he asked her to be his wife to raise his daughter at his side. She agreed and they began their lives together but after some time had passed she discovered she became pregnant with her first child, a daughter to be named Inari and later they would also have a son together she named Natsume.