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Atalantia "Atali" OkumuraSakata

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United States


Grand Sugar Clan Empire / SugarSweet Bakery / Skyrie, The new world

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Official Name: Atalanta Ototsugu OkumuraSakata

Nickname: Atali

Skill/Powers: Archer of Red/Fate Archer

Family/Clan: Adopted daughter of Gintoki-Lucifer and Helena of the GrandSugarClan. She has not yet officially chosen a clan name so to be updated in the future.

Partner: She is married to her prince charming, Achilles Rider/The Rider of Fate.

Children: Two sons Leon and Trois and a daughter named Tobari.

Backstory currently in progress, but so far here is what happened:

Atalanta is a strong Arcadian princess that became a skilled huntress and was come to be known the red archer of fate. She was raised in the mountains by a bear that was sent to her from the goddess artemis. She was found among the ruins of her village of Kourai, she was injured greatly but this encounter changed her life as she knew it. The lady Helena OkumuraSakata and her husband Gintoki Lucifer Sakata had found her and rescued her from her own fate. {To be continued}