Wargoth Wastelands

((Property of GrandSugarClan and Commander “Six-Gun Gorilla” Kondo))

Wargoth is a a place of constant battles between malevolent hordes and benevolent alliances.
This weird cyberwestern frontier is a steampunk, gothicwestern, wild wild west.
These badlands are filled with odd, supernatural and deadly creatures, along with ghost towns, haunted mines and areas filled with lawlessness that
will fight with the hands of justice. There will be lots of bounty hunting, gunslinging and sometimes the occasional dust storm and tumbleweeds.
All our clan and alies welcomed.

1: Be creative and have fun.(CyberWestern RPS please)
2. This place is for RP ONLY. Respect each other by discussing any battles before you begin/ also don’t interrupt ongoing rps (please discuss these privately, not in this group).
3: Give people time to respond. Don’t expect them to be on 24/7
4. No RL BS or RL drama
5: Please note, All new arrivals and new rp characters entering our premises, we ask that you first join Skyrie.net group and Skyrie Sandbox group so that you understand how to get around Skyrie and what’s expected. Very much appreciated!
6: If you don’t respect the rules or you simply rub us the wrong way we’ll kick you out with no warning.

Group admins

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Group mods

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