Welcome to Rosy Cross Talented Arts & Bright Future Orphanage!
Founded by Rose (ShadowLight) Heita of the GrandSugarClan.

Head Masters: Rose and Raizel-Cadis Heita and Naruto Kurama Uzumakii

Co-run by Elizabeth Urameshi and Helena Okumura Sakata
Affiliated with True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames.

Formerly known as Talented Arts, it has been revamped to focus more on the orphanage aspect of the establishment but still holding classes for the young orphans trying to figure out their magical abilities.

A small & cozy orphange/school to safely house parentless children. Its focus is to look after and raise those who have been abandoned because the parents/guardians feared the child/children’s supernatural abilities. Others ended up here because they lost their parents/guardians before being found in the borderland regions and brought here to safety.

Once the orphan is considered a young adult they are able to move out into society and still return to help at the orphanage when they feel like volunteering.

The students take a bus that allows them to take intensive courses at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames and return back to the orphanage before dark. (A curfue set for the children’s protection).

The school is surrounded by guards, protective walls and barriers set to keep out intruders.

~~~Basics & Rules~~~

*Please see forum for orphanage/school basics info. (orphans and adoptees welcomed.)
* Please stick to the theme rp as if you’re in an orphanage/school for talented children.
* No spam or heated conversations here please.
Although all are welcomed please note: All new arrivals and new rp characters, we highly recommend that you first join Skyrie.net group and Skyrie Sandbox group so that you understand how to get around Skyrie and understand proper etiquette. Those two groups are best for your initial introductions too. Thank you!

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