In the middle of the city of Akihabara but more on the outskirts of the town to be exact, you find this place named Sweet Styles Barber Shop. It is owned and maintained by Koujaku of the GrandSugarClan and his husband Aoba. Here you may have your hair cut or styled in any way you wish but I am no master worker as my husband claims but I can make sure you will be satisfied.

Just a few rules if you don’t mind this is after all my shop.

1) Please RP here as if you were in a hair salon.

2) Please act accordingly!! I will not tolerate any foolishness in my place of work!

3) Please keep any lewd thoughts to yourself as this is not the place to have such thoughts so please carry it to your respected inbox or personal group.

4) Have respect for each member here as I will not tolerate any bullying among the staff or my family who come here.

6) Have a great time here and enjoy yourself. if you want to say something like you have a day to relax or something that is fine just please be creative in the way you role play here. But if you can not do more than a sentence or so it’s fine but not upon entrance here please be mindful for that and thank you,
~Koujaku and Aoba~

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