This is a Naruto RP, buuut one does not need to watch the anime really to under stand this. It basically takes place in the a land where they are divided into elemental nations. Land of Earth, Land of Fire, Land of Iron,
Land of Lightning, Land of Snow, Land of sound, Land of Water, and Land of Wind. Each land has ninja with their own sign on a head band to signify their allegiance, Their is Jutsus (Magic with hand sighs in a nut shell) to help the Ninja that protect their land along with Chakra which gets used up when one uses a Jutsu. Chakra is like a life force in a way so if one runs out of it then one could most likely die. Anyways theirs electricity in the area but the citizens usually stick to old traditions of things. Mind you their are Ninja ranks and ranked jutsu so if your a Genin (1st level ninja) Please use Genin level Jutsu and skills : / So anyways HAVE FUN YOUR A NINJA NOW!!

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