Visiting Yggdrasil

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      *Gin knew his wife would say this and he didn’t hesitate to respone.* Hai! We understand. *He hesitate for only a moment wondering if leaving them alone would be safe but he didn’t sense anyone else around either, so he pushed his brother Kin back until they both faced in the opposite direction and headed elsewhere for a little while so that Helena and Noloty could speak privately.*

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      *Helena took off the crown she was wearing and put on a jacket since she felt a little chilled. She watches Gin and Kin leave and sighs in relief that they were so compliant about this. She turn turns in Noloty’s direction.* Ara ara! Now, let’s see what’s happening. Cousin Noloty, my beloved one. Let’s speak, just us. Perhaps this is more comfortable for you and you can let me understand what ails you to the point of your absence from the ones you love.

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      *Noloty still had her back on Helena while she was speaking. She closed her eyes and was breathing softly to calm her anxiety and she did felt a bit relieved that both Gin and Kin left them alone. She would slightly turn her head and her eyes would get a glimpse of her sweet cousin then turned her head back around and started walking. She reached the tea table that was underneath a Sakura tree; the same one where Rika and Jean had sat a few days ago and she would remember their conversation. She sits down and finally replies back to her cousin* Understand, you say! *sighs* I wish that would be true…I truly hope that it comes to be that way…even if it takes a millennium for what I’m about to reveal may open the deepest wound of all.

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      *Helena looked at her cousin tenderly. It weighed heavy on her heart to see her suffering on her own. She was about to get a glimpse into what was ailing her beautiful cousin. She wondered if it had to do with Archangel Michael’s arrival and wondered if their conversation had taken a bad turn but Michael seemed to be doing well among others and curiously exploring the world around them. So why was cousin Noloty so distressed? She was about to put her hand on Noloty’s shoulder but she suddenly began to walk and they headed towards a beautiful Sakura tree, they she sat underneath it and then Helena would listen to what her cousin Noloty had to say. Her eyes widen a bit.* Reveal? *Her curiosity was peaked but she was also worried about what this burden was that her cousin had been keeping all to herself.* Cousin Noloty, keep in mind that we’ve been through a lot together both good and bad. I have no intention of holding resentments against you for anything that happened in the past. Whatever this revelation is, we’ll deal with it together as always like family. *She wondered why she didn’t want to talk about it in front of Kin and Gin and figured it might be associated to them. But she would wait patiently to hear what her cousin’s wounded heart wanted to reveal.* I’ll listen cousin, no matter what it is.

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      *Noloty was beginning to feel calm again; there was always something magical with her sweet seraphim that whenever she was around her it calmed her greatly but as she listens to her, she can feel a stir of anxiety and nervousness kick in* No resentment? *Noloty found the courage to look straight at her beloved cousin’s eyes and replied back* Even if it meant hurting the men we love?!? *with this, Noloty clearly was referring to Gin and Kin. She sighs and leans back to her chair as tears would begin to flow down her cheeks* It was a long time ago….it is a past that not even they wish to remember. *she looks towards the waterfalls and her gaze was lost within the movement of the water then after a few minutes later she continued* I was a rebel child…still am *chuckled nervously* …but back then, I still embraced my demonic nature when I was introduced to the heavenly realms. In order for me to be “accepted” and gain my Goddess status, I was tested, still am…thanks to Him! *she would wave her hand to the air in a disapproving manner, clearly referring to her biological father* My relationship with Michael took a sour turn after learning the truth of what really happened that day. *she looks to her cousin knowing that she would guess what she was talking about* I wouldn’t blame him at all if he decides not to talk to me anymore, quite frankly I deserve it! I ruined his reputation, his integrity….his pride! *Her sobbing stopped her from speaking as she remembered how her conversation with her brother ended and as her guilt overwhelmed her, Noloty’s anxiety was increasing at almost a dangerous rate to the point that she unconsciously was changing the surrounding environment into an eerie yet sad atmosphere*

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      *Helena’s nervousness and worry changed as she listened to Noloty’s words. Her eyes grew tender as she took in her cousin’s words. She had been holding in such sorrow and guilt all by herself. Helena’s aura became more visible and surrounded both Helena and Noloty in warmth. She reinstated what had been said earlier.* Why would I resent you cousin? We’ve been through so much. Our men are strong and have been through a lot as well. *She continued to listen and noticed her cousin’s tears. She used her hands to softly wipe these away. As Noloty continued, she couldn’t help but smile at Noloty’s remark about her rebellious ways. It was one of the qualities that Helena loved about her cousin.* Cousin Noloty, you said it yourself, this is in the past. Your brother’s pride has been hurt but he’s here and you have the opportunity to continue to explore your relationships together. * Helena put her hand over Noloty’s and stopped the changes taking place around them.* I’m listening cousin Noloty. It seems that whatever you told your brother, you believe Kin, Gin and I will react the same. I cannot speak for their reactions and I do understand your brother’s reaction but this is not the end. *She smiles and tilts her head a bit.* As family, haven’t many of us argued, disagreed, had some fall outs and yet, we are family and in time, we mend our relationships. Do you truly believe, there is something in this would you have done that would make me turn my back on you? I might be surprised, taken aback and perhaps confused about the event that unfolded but as you said, it’s in the past. Is it affecting us now in some way that we can’t handle? *Her eyes change colors again and she sits back.* Michael is here now, you can mend your relationship with him, even if it takes time. He seems to be having a nice time here so you have the opportunity to make amends. What I’m interested in, is knowing, why you believe that Kin, Gin and I would be disappointed in you? What have you not yet told me?

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      *Noloty was still crying while her cousin Helena was comforting her and upon noticing that her anxiety was causing a stir in the atmosphere, she calmed down a bit then afterwards even more once she feels her cousin’s soothing warmth surrounding them. Upon listening to her words, she nods her head and chuckles when she hears Helena’s comment about Michael* With Rika and Jean around, I bet he is having a good time. *She would let go of a deep sigh and leans back. At first it would seem that Noloty is staring at the table but reality was her gaze was lost; she wouldn’t even blink until she felt her cousin’s hand touch hers. When hearing her final question, Noloty found whatever strength and bravery she had left to finally answer her* I…was the one who…….banished Gin….and…Kin. *she tried making eye contact with Helena but she couldn’t* Mich….Michael wasn’t even there. *she slides her hand away from Helena’s then stood up looking at the beautiful Sakura tree that was next to them* All this time, while mortals were praising him and possibly our husbands not liking him for what he “did” that day was all a lie. *she slowly turns around and looks straight at her sweet seraphim* I’m the hand behind their banishment. *she crossed her arms then nods her head, clearly in disappointment and embarrassment but there was something else she needed to say* There’s more…*sighs* ….the one who was to be banished was Satan….well, back then he had another name… *Noloty starts walking back in forth to calm her nerves* Gin was not supposed to be there!! Neither was Kin!! Or anyone else!!! *starts crying again but continues talking with a broken down tone of voice* I…I went in so fast that once I realized what had happened, I tried to get them out but it was too late. *sighs again* Right there I knew that something was off…It just didn’t felt right and I began to have suspicions that I was not told the whole story or real reason behind this banishment so I began looking for answers. Everyone in the Heavenly Realms turned their backs on me…so I rebelled and did the unimaginable. *Noloty slowly looks up to her cousin and as expected she knew her sweet seraphim would be in shock but as Noloty was about to sit back with Helena, she froze. Gin and Kin were standing just a few feet away from Helena and felt that most likely they may have heard her. Noloty takes a few steps backwards and turned her back on them. She later turns halfway with minimal eye contact* I’m…so..sorr… *she broke into tears*

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      *Although Helena had a feeling that the news Noloty would have would be of great impact. She was a bit surprised to hear the cause for her grief.
      It was understandable and now she could see why Michael was upset.
      Helena remained calm and she held up a hand as soon as she saw Gin and Kin standing by. She meant for them to remain silent for a while longer while she comforted Noloty.* That is definitely a major revelation cousin Noloty, but not enough for me to turn my back on you.
      This was something that occurred in the past during a time of great chaos.
      There was a war and Gin and Kin got caught up in the mayhem along with Satan. I am not feeling particularly upset with you but I do suggest that you give time to Gin and Kin to take in this information, just as Michael needs to process what you have just revealed. *The wind would caress their hair for a moment and Helena would stand up and take her cousin’s hand once more.*
      It seems even you were in the dark regarding the reason for this action that you were required to take. I believe the heavens were testing you. Or rather, your father or your mother could have been testing you at that time. Remember that the Almighty saw the female goddess that created the fallen seraphim as a rival and those that you banished didn’t see eye-to-eye with the Almighty back then.
      *She looks back at Gin and Kin who stood there silently and waited for Helena to give them a chance to speak, if they would say anything at all.
      Helena preferred that they say nothing at that time and take in the information.* Perhaps Gin and Kin can remember the reason they were mixed up in the war.
      I, for one, believe that it all leads back to Lord Satan. He has been the cause of a lot of the things that have happened. He’s a trickster and has been the only one unable to leave the realms of the inferno. So, there might be a clue there as to why you were chosen to take on such a task and pin it on Michael. Michael must have been made to believe, he did this dead to ensure that all the other angels created by the almighty would follow Michael as their leader and squash any further rebellion among the legions in the heavens. So, work on Michael first and let me work on Gin and Kin for now since they must be shocked and perhaps slightly angry but I’m sure they’ll find it in their hearts to forgive you my dear cousin. You and I know them well enough. Don’t doubt us this way, we are, after all family! *She holds her cousin’s hand to her cheeks* Stop crying and let us mend those who have been wounded by this revelation.
      *She then looked at Gin and Kin and nodded as if allowing them to speak if they wished to say anything at all.*
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      *Kintoki and Gin had returned to see how the conversation had been going. Kin was surprised to overhear part of Noloty’s conversation. He felt something rush at his heart, he wasn’t sure if it was anger or heartbreak. He was speechless though, this was his beautiful chocolate goddess confessing to something that he had never imagined. He closed his eyes a moment and heard Helena’s words. He was glad she told him it was best not to speak. She was right, he needed to wrap his mind around this new information. It’s not like he had not deserved his time in the hell he was confined to. He had not been a purely good soul most of the time. He was given forgiveness by those he loved, would he be able to forgive his beautiful Noloty. Was he capable of such a thing? He was always the one being forgiven so this would be new to him. His face couldn’t hide his shock eventually he would be able to change his expression and look over to his brother. It wasn’t hard to tell, he needed time to take it all in.*

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      *Gintoki was processing the words exchanged between Helena and Noloty. He took a deep breath and looked at his brother Kin. He was glad his brother decided to move away for moment, this way Gin could feel and contain his own feelings, and there was definitely a rush of different emotions that had practically blurred his thoughts. All this time he was teasing Michael and the one who had vanished the opposing faction of the heavenly wars was Noloty. He didn’t want to say anything at that moment but he didn’t want to leave his wife Helena and Noloty who were so close feeling that he didn’t care at all. He looked at them both.* I think I understand, and like my brother Kin, I do need a little time to take this all in. I thank you for being honest about it Noloty. I just wish to know, did you always know this? Did you just remember or it was recently revealed to you? Why did you keep this to yourself? *He actually knew the answer to that but he wanted to hear it from her.* I….*He looked at Kin.* Have to make sure to talk this over with my brother. So, yes, cousin Noloty, you’re still my family, my wife Helena loves you and so do I but my heart aches at the thought of what this means right now. So, just forgive me if I go after my brother for now. *He looks at his wife and then at Noloty, after waiting to hear her answer, he nods and heads over to catch up with Kin.*

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      *Noloty looked back at Helena surprised to hear that what she had just revealed was not enough for her to turn her back on her yet she can sense the stir of emotions within Kin and Gin and she had no other choice but to accept how they would react to this. She listened to Helena’s words, felt Kin’s silence then listen to what Gin had to say. When asked how long she knew of this, she just closed her eyes and remained silent for a moment. This she knew for quite some time and felt that this would cause even more disappointment once she tells them. She didn’t want to cause more heartache but she replied back as honestly as she could* I think I always knew but I was not fully sure. My memories were suppressed while my immortal hybrid soul lived on the human vessel that was once…Noloty. After my full resurrection my memories slowly returned. I began to remember everything…including the events of that day. So yes! It’s been a while and yes! It was selfish of me not to reveal this as soon as I remembered but when I believe I had the courage in me to tell you, I couldn’t…I panicked. I didn’t want to bring back such horrible memory …Michael coming here and remaining was the tip of the iceberg. Knowing that he did not leave after helping me and Rika with the Gears…I knew that the time has come to tell the truth. I’m so sorry it took me so, so long to tell you. I would rather carry the guilt on my own until the end of days than to hurt the ones I love…*she continued crying to the point that she couldn’t speak no more. Upon seeing Gin and Kin leave, she so desperately wanted to stop them but she remained where she was, accepting that she needed to give them time to heal and to forgive*

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      *Helena was relieved that Gin and Kin listened to her and kept silent for now. She knew how strong their emotions were and how they could go out of control if not well thought out. Right now her focus was her cousin Noloty, she went over and hugged her tightly, she wiped the tears from her eyes kissing her cheeks and smiling.* There, it’s not so bad. Give them a little space, we’ll talk to them more about this when their shock has passed. Right now, let’s focus on you and Michael and when Kin and Gin are ready, they’ll come back to you and talk more about this and you can calmly discuss any feelings and how to go forward. *She was caressing her cousin’s hair.* Let’s go do something different to get your mind off this for a little while.

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      *As Helena was comforting her, she would also dry her eyes then nods her head in agreement* They can take all the time they need…I understand. *she kept wiping her tears and even let go of a soft chuckle* That would be a good idea…what do you have in mind?