Inception to an Apocalypse

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      *Mephisto’s words only confirmed Gin’s thoughts. Something seemed to be off but he wanted to wait a bit longer before trying to do anything else. He could feel her heartbeat and he could tell she seemed to be trying to reach for him.* Helena?

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      *After feeling the warm arms of her husband embrace her, Helena’s wings returned to her body. Her eyes were closed at first. It looked as if she had completely collapsed in his arms. However, it wasn’t over yet, although part of the threat had stopped Helena was still in a state of instability which put the whole world in danger. The darkness of the lands were still lingering ominously in the sky. Helena tried to speak to her husband, she felt her body and soul were safe but without her mind, her essence was out of balance. Helena’s mind was far from the reach of those around her. She was stuck in the multi-universal cosmos that she would often wander off to while in meditation in order to connect with entities of the beyond. She tried to speak but she felt so far from her body and soul, the disconnect was so vast she even as she opened her eyes, her beloved husband Gin and her cousin Noloty would be able to tell, something was amiss. All Helena could do at that moment to give them a sign she was alive and to give the world some sort of hope to the world was to release a bit of her essence towards the ground allowing the earth at Satou Arcanum to respond to her by growing a magical field of trees and flowers with the scent of lavender to counter the toxic miasma that had taken over a large part of the world. This would clear the air so that others would not be poisoned, it would reach far and wide. Helena could see her husband and Noloty worried and hoped they understood that she had not completely returned to them and that she could still unleash destruction upon the world if something wasn’t done.*

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      *Gin would carry his wife Helena in his arms and kissed her rose red lips. He saw she was making an effort to communicate something to him.* I’m here beautiful. I can sense your distress. *He waited patiently for some kind of sign from her that would help him figure out what to do. He could sense the dimensional portals deep in the realm of Satou Arcanum starting to slowly open and close. There were realms of unknown creatures that would be able to pass through if Helena was not fully awakened. He then noticed the sign of hope she gave all of them.* Helena, my love! I can see what you’re telling me. *He then looked at her eyes, as their eyes met, there was a realization and an intense connection between these twin flames.*

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      *Helena would still sense Gin’s warmth. She was comforted by his voice that she heard in the distance. She could see his aura, it was always so bright. She felt she could reach out to him by touching this light and then she felt his eyes meet with hers. This was her chance to show him what he had seen many times before. He would recognize her situation by looking deep in her eyes. She had a longing to return to him but she felt herself being pulled further away.*

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      Oi! *He would study her eyes as he gently put one hand on her face. He remembered the times he saw her eyes this way. It was those moments where she meditated and she did some form of astral travel into the multiverse, speaking to creatures from the beyond. It sometimes startled him but he had gotten use to it. He normally would sit besides her and wait for her to return.* I get it now! *He looked around* Noloty! Where are you? @promiscuous *He hoped Noloty had finished kicking ass so she could help him figure out how to get Helena back to them before all the dimensional portals opened within Satou Arcanum.*

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      *Noloty was morphing back into her human form after she was done fighting and finishing off the enemy. She looks to Kin and even gave a sarcastic smirk upon hearing him call her “hot stuff’ in the form that she was in* Love is surely blind *She would state to herself and giggled a bit as she walks towards him. She gently touches his face, letting him know that she was happy to see him* Hello Husband! *She gave a soft smile but it quickly faded away as the atmosphere around them was giving her an uncomfortable vibe* Something’s off! *She can feel Helena’s essence falling upon them and even smelled the scent of lavender that was spreading throughout the region of Satou Arcanum and beyond but she felt that something was missing. She hears Lucifer calling out to her and she quickly speeds towards where he was with Helena. She looks at their surroundings and notices the closing and opening of the portals* Why does it feel as if we might drift away between space and time? *This was the first time Noloty has seen her beloved cousin in the state that she was in and couldn’t quite understand what was going on* Lucifer, why is Helena not fully awaken? *She gently touches her cousin’s hand and places it on her cheek. She tried connecting with her but it felt that Helena was out of her reach* Strange! I feel her but at the same time I don’t *Noloty gently touches Helena’s forehead and tapped into her mind to connect with her telepathically but there was no response* It’s like she’s here but not completely. I’m trying to reach out to her but she’s far from my grasp. *She looks at Lucifer* Why is she in this state?

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      *He was relieved when Noloty answered to his call. Between both of them, he knew, they could come up with something to save Helena.* Cousin Noloty, Helena often travels between dimensions. Lately, she has been going beyond some of the multiverses traveling further and further away but she would always return. Something must be keeping her from fully returning. I call her journeys astral projection but she called it something else. Unfortunately, they were words I couldn’t comprehend. She told me that one day she would take me on one of these journeys, but I didn’t dare take a plunge into the cosmic realms she traveled to. I’m not sure I am allowed to because of who I am and a past I rather not recall right now. Oi, I must say that I regret not taking her invitation now. If I had, maybe I could reach her and bring her back, but as you have noticed, reaching her is difficult for us. Is there anyone as deeply in touch with the cosmos as Helena that can lend us a hand?

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      *Although the gods weren’t allowed to interfere, they were not above giving their beloved ones hints that could lead them to the answers they would seek. He waited for Noloty to open her mind and left her with a clue, an image of an entity that she could reach out to with the abilities that they were seeking. And then he whispered.* Blessed be my lovely one! There is nothing you can’t do for the ones you wish to protect, remember you’ve done this in your past. There is one that can help you, you just need to let your minds meet.

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      Noloty kept holding Helena’s hand against her cheek while listening to Lucifer’s words. Her eyes were filled with tears but as she listened, in her mind she was pinpointing certain words that he had stated. “dimensions”, “multiverse” “cosmos”. Noloty will slowly look up to him and her eyes widen hinting that there could be hope. Her lips almost formed a smile, not because she found Lucifer’s words funny, but because her mind became clear as she began to think who might have the capacity to reach out to her beloved cousin* Lucifer! Thank you!! *Although she knew that her excited behavior may confuse him, she was actually hopeful to reach out to one person in mind* Jean! Jean Grey!! She….never mind…I’ll get to talk about her later. *She uses her telekinetic ability to reach out to Jean but something was off* No! It can’t be! *She took a quick glimpse at Lucifer hoping he did not notice her unevenness and walked a few feet further from him* I’ll try again! *She takes a deep breath and begins to focus. After realizing that she could not sense Jean, she clenched her fists, pretending to work harder on reaching out to her when in fact she feared the worse. She accidentally slipped out an  “She’s gone!” comment and bit her lip to keep quiet. Noloty couldn’t sense her but in a matter of minutes she began to feel something. She frowned because it did not feel human; she suddenly opened her eyes in shocked upon realizing what she had felt and was even more convinced after seeing a image of an entity flash through her mind* No way! She’s… *She notices Lucifer’s questionable facial expression and she waves hinting that it’s ok* I’m going to need more than just telekinesis to reach out to her! * Noloty stepped back a few steps further and this time with the remaining strength she had, she heightened her godly aura at a large scale and her eyes turned white as snow. She looked up to the sky, reaching out telekinetically past the dark clouds…past the planet’s orbit and out to the space and calls out her name* JEAN!!! No…*she frowns again telling herself that it may not respond to that name then calls out again* PHOENIX!! Please hear my plea! I’m reaching out to you for help and hope to hear your response as you once did to your host! Please hear my calling! @darkphoenix

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      *He could hear their conversations, which made him check if the keys of time manipulation were still in his possession. He had once tricked Helena into giving him the keys. He slowly shifted back into his usual look and style but upheld the shield he had over Satou Arcanum. He wanted to conserve some of his powers in case things got worse while Helena was still in semi-consciousness. As he pulled the keys from his pockets he would grin, but his grin would begin to change into a look of disappointment as he noticed that the keys were fading.* Was ist los?

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      *Helena was relieved her family understood her so well that they could respond to her requests just by looking at her eyes. Noloty’s warmth, Gin’s love and Mephisto and Kin’s protectiveness were not lost on her, she began to see a thread form once more, a thin connection back to her home but it was still not strong enough. She needed a similar mind to bring her safely back to the world she adored. Helena would wait patiently for the one which whom she would connect.*

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      *Noloty continued on making her calling but she was beginning to slowly feel exhausted. Deep down she was concerned as to why she had not received a response. Noloty was able to sense and feel a cosmic presence but doubt was filling up her mind* “Please respond, I truly need your help” *Noloty did not dare look to Lucifer nor Kim. The last thing she wanted was for them to loose hope. She closes her eyes and loosen up until she feels her body relaxed; then she frees her mind in hopes that she can reach out further to the one she is calling*

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      *A spark of light would lit up the region of Satou Arcanum as it was heading towards the calling. As it reached closer to its destination, it can be clearly seen what it was. Phoenix had reached towards where Noloty was and looked down at her. It would lowered its head to take a closer look at the one who called. It’s golden eyes would just gaze at her for just a few minutes then lowered its head even more making its beak reachable to a touch* Goddess Urd! *Phoenix has the ability to look beyond any physical creature it encounters, including those in human vessels. Being a cosmic being of pure psionic energy, it’s capable to see auras and perceive even the most hidden intent or emotion. Phoenix tilts its head a bit to see eye to eye and speaks in its cosmic voice* I heard your call and I can see you are in distress. Please elaborate the reason for your calling.

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      *Noloty had to step back a few steps upon seeing the giant fiery bird hovering above her. She gazed right back at it and she can feel the tremendous amount of pressure of its psionic powers over her. She felt as if Phoenix was piercing through her mind and despite how much she tried to do a mental block, she couldn’t. She was in shock realizing that Phoenix was actually preventing it. Instead of fighting with it, she then decided to open her mind freely and allow Phoenix to look deep into her thoughts and demonstrate that she means no harm. Noloty took advantage of touching its beak as Phoenix lowered its head and that’s when she noticed that Jean was in there.* It is you! *Noloty could sense Jean’s presence within the Phoenix and was glad that she has responded to her call and although she was curious as to why she did not change back to her human form, this was something she will need to figure out later on.* Jean…or Phoenix, I need your help. I believe you are the only one who can reach out further to the cosmos and find someone who is incredibly precious to us *She points towards where Kin, Gin and Helena are then looks back at Phoenix* Do you remember my cousin Helena? You met her once at the bakery! She’s the one I need you to find. Can you tap into her mind and find her?

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      *Kin can sense a change in the atmosphere in Satou Arcanum, he notices that Noloty is pointing over to where they are standing and realizes that Noloty has finally made a connection. He was starting to feel more hopeful. He then turned his eyes back to the dimensional portals around them, he was ready to fight back anything that might try to come through them. However, things were so peaceful his body began to respond to the gentle scent of lavender and slowly began to revert to it’s human form. Kin was able to keep his golden flames burning mainly because he want to have them ready in case he needed to fight anything that might attack that came from the beyond. He knew Noloty, Mephy, and Gin were keeping a close eye on Helena.*