The Sanguinarium Society is an independent society for those with vampire traits and their disciples (donors). Among the society of vampires, these creatures pride themselves in the belief that their kind is the next step in human evolution. Superior, powerful, beautiful and often sensual and deadly.
The Sanguinarium Society in the new world brought together several of these creatures as they carved out a place for themselves in these foreign and unpredictable lands.

1. RP as if you’re in vampire territory
2. All types allowed as long as your rp is vampire themed.
3. Please ask before jumping into an rp already in progress.

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Dio Brando (EgregiousGalactoseBestiarusz)
  • Profile picture of ThornyToshi Hijikata (TenebrozusVampyruszSugarDemon)

Group mods

  • Profile picture of Rose ShadowLight Heita
  • Profile picture of Saya (VampySugarDemon) Okita d’Elric-OkumuraSakata