Ken no Tengoku is a safe haven for swords and blades that have turned into Touken Danshi by way of an unexpected phenomenon.
Run by Swordmaster Izumi

Simple Rules:
1. Please RP as if you are in the Safe Haven of Swords & Blades that have become “human” or “somewhat human”.
2. No Usurping Characters already here, unless you have permission.
3. Please ask(and wait for an answer) if you can join an rp already in progress before jumping in.
4. Be Creative & Have Fun!
// Note: Please see the Forum topics to begin.//

Group admins

  • Profile picture of Izumi Kanesada(Swordmaster-SugarKnight)
  • Profile picture of Kogi Sakata (KogitsunemaruSugarDemon)

Group mods

  • Profile picture of Liesa Kanesada (CrystalroseBloodDemon)