Hellstorm House is the home of the Hellstorm Family located in Spook City, Massachusetts. The House of Hellstorm once belonged to the Wingate-Hellstorm family but now it was a den of demons and one in particular was the daughter of Satan himself.

Eventually, as Daimon, Satana and Demona left Gehenna and found themselves in Skyrieverse, their old home appeared in a area near the Eastern Eerie Lands. Daimon always maintained that he wished to be more human than demon and Satana went in the opposite direction seeking to use her demonic heritage to gain more power and prestige.

They soon learned that the appearance of the house coincided with the birth of Satan’s daughter, Zehellenia. The young woman that Satana and Daimon believed to be their half-sister.

The house became a place of conflict as Satana wanted to end both her niece Demona and her half sister Zehellenia but then more demons came to their home and turned it into chaos.

The aftermath led Daimon and Demona back to their old home to discuss their origins and what they would do with their old home now that they had decided to remain at the Sugar Family Estates.

The home was repaired and both Daimon and Demona would return to archive old demonology books, many of which they would end up donating to the library at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flames.

It would eventually become a second home for Daimon to return to when he wished to be on his own and would sometimes bring some guests to visit.

Note: House of Hellstorm is owned by Daimon Skorpius Hellstorm
and is property of the GrandSugarClan

Rules: Respect my home or I ban you. Simple.

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