✧Come discuss, find other roleplayers. Is this better then Facebook?✧

Oh- and don’t forget to send this to your friends, I’m really crossing my fingers that this will be the new RP facebook.

☜[[Please give your feedback to Skyrie]]
They have an account on here so go add them or just go to [Updates] OR OR OR just to go [Send Feedback] under ‘Notifications’ , they’re open to new ideas.
*Also, I’m not the creator of the site. I’ve had a lot of people ask me.

☜Try downloading [Skyrie messenger]
It’ll go on your desktop and much easier to use. c: It’s up by ‘My Account’ or on the bottom by ‘Chatrooms’

:・゚{{Message Peter Boxhappy Kinkland if you have any questions. o Jo I’ll be happy to help.
https://www.facebook.com/BoxhappyBoy?ref=tn_tnmn }}:・゚

☜On the right hand corner above the ‘leave a comment’ will be a ‘show:’ if you put it to ‘Updates’ then you won’t have to see all the people who are added to the group.

☜For the Hetalia Roleplayers:

A request group, for your enjoyment.

-All of my accounts on here~

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