Welcome to Hardly Town. A small town in Skyrie Nebraska. This is the home of several hedgehogs who have made their homes under the hedges of the area.

((All Sonic game characters invited.))
**Please drop into Skyrie.net group and Skyrie Sandbox first and do some reading in the forum topics first. Thank you.

1 Respect each other.
2. RP Only please (videos related to Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic the Hedgehog Themed photos are ok.
3. No explicit material please. Save that for your 1×1 rps within the privacy of your inbox or make a separate private group for such interactions.

Group admins

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  • Profile picture of Shadow the Hedgehog (Seselis)
  • Profile picture of Sonico (Speed-o'-Sound Sonic)
  • Profile picture of Sonic the Hedgehog (Szonikus)

Group mods

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