Welcome to Hades: Shinigami & Spirit World!
Hades: Shinigami & Spirit World is the intermediate place of existence where immortal souls abide.
Several Shinigami (gods of death / grim reapers) and Spirit World Leaders have decided to create a special network with one another to allow interaction with humans with special abilities, demons, angels or other creatures of the world to work together for the protection of the different realms.
This world is mainly inhabited by spirits. The spirit world is regarded as an external environment for spirits. Although independent from the natural world, both the spirit world and the natural world are in constant interaction.
Please be respectful to your fellow shinigami and human guests.

1: Have Fun!
2: Be nice to your fellow members
3: Please RP as if you are shinigami / spirit world or doing a mission for these worlds.

Group admins

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Group mods

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