Genre: Creativity

Hi all and welcome to Doodle Club! This is a place for those of us who love to draw, whether we’re good at it or not!
Share your drawings, ask for art tips, even arrange trades to draw each other’s characters if you want (I know I do ^^”). Apple plans to occasionally set up some artsy (non-competitive) games which could be fun ^-^

Rules & Guidelines:

1. Keep the art safe for work. Apple is a child and would like to keep her innocence and sanity tyvm.
2. Keep criticism as constructive as possible and do take constructive criticism gracefully. No fighting!
3. No plagiarism! Nobody likes an art thief. Credit any drawings you put in this group that aren’t your own.
4. Hand drawings, digital drawings, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, scenic photographs, lego models and even tapestries are all welcome here.

Group admins

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