Visiting Red, the family's sacred blacksmith

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      A visit to Red’s workplace would reveal the amazing abilities of Red with weaponry. The family knew her as an assassin constantly fending off the templars from family and friends. But they also learned she was gifted with the art of the blacksmith. Her skills were essential to family and friends. When she wasn’t fending off templars or taking a little time off, she could be found restoring the family weapons which would take incredible beatings. The family was the peaceful kind but they were also of strong warrior blood and their weapons had to fit their lifestyles. They always came to visit Red when they needed help with their weapons but sometimes they just came to help and watch their lovely Red work her blacksmith magic. To them, Red was the family’s sacred blacksmith….

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      *leans against the wall to take a break from doing work on weapons with smile on my face*

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      *Ranma sees Helena writing on a scroll at a fast pace and he takes it from her and reads what she had written. He then laughs* Oh is that how you see your auntie Red! I don’t deny any of it. *he then holds up his index finger and points upward.* You forgot to mention that Sis Red is also clumsy and hot tempered. *he said teasingly knowing his sis was listening.* I mean, the woman is always trying to kill her own brother. hahahaha

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      *Inu leans against the door, one ear up and facing forward with his arms crossed and grins.* You’re asking for trouble Ranma bro! I think you like teasing her too much. By the way Red sis! *holds out his sword* Hook me up with a little polish here. Just look at my sword!

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      Ranma! I will deal with u later on or maybe put u in a head lock for 2 hours or more. It depends on my mood though. *with a creepy smile to Ranma. Then turn to Inu* sure thing brother inu! ^₩^

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      *Laughs enjoying the exchange between his siblings* Innocent bystander! HAHAHAHA who are you trying to fool with that Ranma bro? *he hands the sword to Red* Arigato sis!

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      It will be ready in 2 hours brother inu! I will make it sharp for u also while I am at it! Brother Remna don’t worry. I will get u one day or other days. *takes the sword while saying that to them eith a smile and went to work on it*

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      *Bows to all the elders* Forgive me for intruding! *he then bows to Red* Auntie Red, I have brought my sword. It is in need of some work since it was used on the skulls of the undead. I hear my sword singing in pain since it was used against dead ones manipulated by that mega fiend Lord Dio!

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      *gently grabs it a d takes a look at it and smiles* it will take me 4 hours to fix but you right it did took a good beating. So don’t worry a thing! ^w^

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      Ukyo: *He walks in and picks up his long green hair in a pony tail. He looks around.* I suppose I should give auntie Red a hand here. *he puts on some gloves and starts to organize things. He then begins to sweep and dust up. He did his best to make sure things were in order although there were things he had no idea where to put them since he never worked in blacksmith. He put some things in a box and labeled them. He worked up a sweat since the forge was still going.* She must be working on more weapons. *He wipes his forehead and heads out of the room.* I should get some water.

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      Oi Ukyo! *Came in with bottle of water* i did not expect some one cleans and straighten this place up. But i am glade. Here some water for u. Yeah the Forge will get so hot that u need a drink. Do u want to learn how to work it or not? It is up to u anyways. *put leukocyte weapon on table. Get my smithering stuff on and my gloves*

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      *He stops in to see sis Red.* Yo sis Red! *he grins* How are you? Do you have a moment to check out my sword? I need to sharpen this old fang, it’s been through hell and back!